After a last look at the island, Lin named it’ Plague Terminal’, but if it feels a little troublesome, just call it’ Plague Island’.

Maybe I will meet this fungus again in the future, so Lin will turn them into dust in this world as she does now.
The next step is to face the ocean again …
I wonder how long it will take to reach the mainland.
In this way, more than ten days and nights in Lin’s journey slowly passed …
The ocean is not static. Lin saw many new marine life. Lin found that there are many ammonites and archers without shells in this area. These creatures have degraded their shells like ancient squid.
There are quite a few new species of fish, but the feeling gap is unlikely to be that they have just been classified, and there are more and more large fish like sharks
Hailin also found many islands, most of which are small and almost deserted islands filled with sand and rocks.
Occasionally, echo eggs are found on islands, but not every island has them. However, what echo eggs have in common is that they are all located on deserted islands and the size of islands. Sometimes, an island with a diameter of several meters will have one, while Lin found a circular island with a diameter of more than 100 meters, which was occupied by a shore-climbing marine plant and a large number of brontosaurus scorpions, but there were no echo eggs.
What kind of creature put this puzzle? I hope to find the answer soon. At present, I know that the plague has something to do with them.
This creature, Scorpion Bulongdu, may become a large terrestrial arthropod after anoxia. Their oxygen is scarce, but their land size has not shrunk, but their gill breathing style seems to be very effective. However, at present, they must stay moist and not be too far away from the water.
The brain worm has resumed the chat stage, so Lin asked it to continue to watch the ancient squid population in the twisted jungle.
Yika, an ancient squid, has now become the king of puddles. It has gathered a huge community of up to 100 ancient squid and occupied the largest puddle in the canyon. Generally, ancient squid do not gather in such a large group, but they all have to get together because of the current resource problems.
They rely on small arthropods near hunting puddles and occasionally catch large reptiles and other creatures.
Because the leader’s position is not eternal, Ica is often challenged by other ancient squid, and sometimes a brain worm will call it "stupid competition, unreasonable distribution and unfair fighting methods"
Even so, Ica defeated all the challengers and became the most powerful ancient squid of this generation, but it was meaningless to be the strongest if it could not continue, so Ica found the strongest ancient squid among its challengers and planned to breed with it.
The ancient squid has a special courtship ceremony, that is, the ancient squid asks first, and if the requested party agrees, the two ancient squid must pose together, then hunt and fight together, and so on, and only when they can cooperate perfectly can they be combined.
This is mainly to test their’ personality synchronization rate’. The brain worms think this way is very good. If they don’t get along with each other, there will be trouble, just as the brain worms can’t command with Mktu.
If there is disagreement, there will be many disputes. According to the brain worm, this happens occasionally in their group. Once, a brain worm argued with his companion because his rolling speed was always about one second slower than him. He thought that his root was not that slow.
In the end, when the ethnic group was destroyed, the brain worm was swallowed up by lava because it did not escape with its companions because of its rolling speed.
It’s really important to say that personality synchronization is really important
And Ica obviously doesn’t care about this now. It has a good synchronization rate with its spouse, so they will soon plan to lay eggs. Presumably, Ica’s descendants will be as strong as it, and the fate of the ancient squid in the whole canyon will find a way out.
In fact, their fate is not very good. Although there have been several rains in the canyon, they are all small. The drying speed of the puddle is always much faster than the recovery.
When they were ready to give birth, they finally found out what the sex of Ica was …
"Pa" indicator dropped.
On the ocean day, the wind roared all over the sky and the dark clouds crossed several roads. Lin was once again hit by a sea storm. Lin found that when the brain worm was active, it seemed that it was easy to attract thunder and had to drop the display.
In the gale, Bessemer and the bombers were connected by a rope to form a huge and stable whole to resist the storm. Although diving into the water was even less affected by the storm, Lin felt that it was not necessary.
The storm was bigger than the previous island, but it was not enough to shake Lin’s troops
And more interesting things can be found on the sea surface, such as … some giant creatures.
In the dark and thunderous sea, an island with a width of 100 meters appeared in front of Lin’s eyes, swaying in the water like sea spray.
This’ island’ is full of creatures, most of whom are reptiles, shivering in the storm.
They are obviously another part of the creatures that escaped from Plague Island.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Infected land
Finally, I saw this huge creature like an island again-‘Swimmer’
This creature is swaying in the storm waves on the back of many creatures. It seems that its direction is the same as Lin’s. In this case, let’s go and see it.
Lin’s troops followed the swimmer, and its huge body and sea were quite unstable. The creatures on its back had to gather in the center to avoid falling into the water.
Lin Jun flew to these creatures and carefully observed them. They all seemed to be in poor spirits. It was not the storm that affected them. It was mainly water shortage and hunger. They should have passed through many islands with food on the way. They didn’t starve to death like the group Lin had seen before, but they were almost the same.
Now the storm affects the rain and airflow, making them feel very cold. If you go like this, it may …