"That makes sense. To be honest, I don’t think the anchor root should accept this request."

"What other people’s songs have been written? Listen carefully."
"Let’s hear it first. I support the anchor no matter how good it is."
"That is, the anchor who writes songs on the spot is the only one who rushes to this talent. I am the anchor fan!"
"Then I’m a fan."
"Then I am a sister in law!"
"Roll the shemale!"
The song is very simple, and there are not many lyrics. This time, Wu Liang wrote it faster and finished it in less than ten minutes, but he was hesitant when he looked at the music.
I’m afraid this word will attract a lot of criticism
Criticizing him is not afraid of affecting his image. After all, he will become a god of songs in the future. If everyone knows that he once wrote such songs, I wonder if many of his fans will change from a god of men to a tease.
Just hesitating, the audience and Yangliu couldn’t wait, especially the latter asked, "How did the anchor write it?"
"Ah?" Wu Liang immediately replied, "Well, please enjoy the grass mud horse song."
He was very empty in his heart, and the last few words were so small and vague that many viewers didn’t hear them clearly.
Someone immediately asked in the chat bar what this song was?
"It seems to be called Fuck, You, Mom Song?" Someone answered in surprise.
"Wow, no, the anchor is dying?" They were all surprised.
"It is estimated that you can listen to this song this time today. Let’s cherish it." The old drivers sighed silently. It is estimated that this name will be harmonious by the Ministry of Culture at most one day.
But Wu Liang quickly explained that "everyone misunderstood the grass mud horse song! Grass mud horse is a kind of god beast. Its prototype comes from Nanzhan Prefecture. An camel is called alpaca. Because of its handsome and lovely appearance, everyone calls it grass mud horse … "
He repeat to that audience what Tong had just fooled him. anyway, everyone knew what he said, but it was not just a cover-up.
Sure enough, the audience immediately cheered up. Some people even found the photo of "Alpaca" on the Internet and then instantly looked at it.
"It was handsome and lovely …" This group of people laughed happily in the live broadcast.
Wu Liang explained clearly the source of the song title, so he stopped talking nonsense and sang straight with accompaniment.
"that desolate and beautiful Mara Gobi.
There are a group of grass mud horses.
They are lively and intelligent.
They are kind and sensitive.
They are free to live in the grass mud horse Gobi.
They are tenacious in tough environment.
Oh, the grass mud horse in the trough
Oh, wild grass, grass and mud horse
They defeated the river crab so that the grass would not be eaten.
The river crab disappeared from the grass mud horse Gobi. "
The song was really short, even though Wu Liang sang it twice in a row, it ended in four minutes.
However, although the music has stopped, the audience’s emotions have not recovered.
"My grass is finished?" Some people are still immersed in shock, and they have a feeling of wanting more.
More people are dumbfounded, and they still don’t know how to evaluate this song.
"Niu Niu, force!" Finally, someone reacted and gave a thumbs-up sign.
"Anchor, this is really not afraid of death. I heard him swear."
"Psychopaths came and said it was a curse song, okay?"
"Anchor, you cow, I don’t care about anyone. You are going to sing against the Ministry of Culture!"
"But why do I think this song is not so simple?"
"Yes, why do I feel that the lyrics of the anchor seem to have another meaning?"
"The anchor asks for lyrics. We want to see the lyrics of this song!"
Wu Liang also knows that this song is really controversial. If you don’t look at the lyrics, it is estimated that everyone will hear "grass mud horse Gobi (homophonic)", which will have a little impact on the ordinary audience, so he quickly released the lyrics on the screen according to the audience’s requirements.
Chapter 42 indescribable
When the lyrics come out, everyone is surprised!
"I depend on me. My worship of the anchor is like the endless river and the Yellow River flooding out of control …"
"The anchor’s talent is bright, and my 24K titanium dog eye asks the anchor to accept my worship!"
"I feel ashamed of my own cultural level after reading the lyrics of the anchor. Please accept my knees!"
"The kneecaps are broken. Anchor, please accept my skull!"
"Anchor, do you know that your mother is so embarrassed?"
"Laughing at the anchor talent is just like fireflies in the dark, so fresh and outstanding that you can’t hide it!"
"Laughing at the urine anchor, you are simply the Buddha in the field of conscience singers in the field of lyrics and songs, and I can wait for the fart people to look up!"
"Oh washed-up grass mud horse Gobi? Poof, let me laugh a little longer! "
"You’re so talented that I can’t beat the crab anchor by lying on the grass!"
"My stomach hurts, too"
"Heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys are all painful!"
"I can’t. I have a cramp in my face. Help me! Call 11!"
"Anchor, how can I not love you if you call me that? I will give birth to a lot of monkeys for you! "
"All the anchors are my anchors. I want you to wash the lead-China hand spoon soup!"
"Put that anchor and let me do it!"
The text in the chat bar is rapidly refreshed at thousands of frequencies per second, and no one can see what everyone is saying.