Xu Shouhui’s life of singing songs every day since he became an emperor is even more obscene. If such a person is drunk and dead, naturally no one will doubt that the emperor is self-cultivation in order to get others’ approval!

Xu Shouhui said, "What do you want?"
Ni Wenjun said, "If you write a will to give way to me, I’ll let you live!"
Xu Shouhui said, "Can’t I be a three-year-old child!"
Ni Wenjun laughed. "Writing or not is not much different! I just don’t want you to die too ugly! "
Xu Shouhui roared, "Ni Wenjun, you don’t die a natural death!"
Ni Wenjun turned around and said, "Kill him!" Behind him is naturally a gloomy face. Chen Youliang Chen Youliang’s face is full of expressions. His hand is still on the handle. This seems to be an unremarkable move.
Ni Wenjun’s face was full of pride. Suddenly, the knife light flashed. When Ni Wenjun saw the knife light, he should cut to Xu Shouhui. Now it is really attacking himself. Ni Wenjun did not find out what Chen Youliang wanted to kill himself until he died.
Ni Wenjun was killed by Chen Youliang, and Xu Shouhui was equally surprised. At this moment, a group of people suddenly jumped in outside the door. These are all Chen Youliang secretly wooing confidants and deliberately ambushing the big account. There are many Ni Wenjun confidants around him.
Xu Shouhui opened his mouth and said, "You, you, you are!"
Chen Youliang knelt down and said, "Chen Youliang learned that Ni Wenjun intended to murder the emperor and usurp the throne, and today he deliberately killed the thieves!"
Xu Shouhui had a narrow squeak in his heart. His life was saved. When he got up and came to Ni Wenjun’s body, Ni Wenjun died unsatisfied. His chest was covered with blood. Xu Shouhui kicked him and said, "There is no way to kill me!" Looking up at Chen Youliang, I really like it more and more.
Chen Youliang said, "Chen Youliang is willing to worship the emperor’s adoptive father all his life!" Say that finish kneeling motionless.
Xu Shouhui laughed. "Good today, I will accept your righteousness and seal your general commander’s military forces!"
Chen Youliang’s face reveals a smile that others can detect. Behind this smile, just like the dry land finally ushered in a spring rain, homesickness, traveling and returning home. The train has been widowed for many years, and the woman meets the man who loves her.
Chen Youliang, a man with unyielding ambition, finally got Xu Shouhui’s natural joy, and finally his harem beauties were mixed together. Naturally, someone went to fight for himself. Xu Shouhui seemed to forget the allusion to the mutiny of Zhao Kuangyin and Chen Qiao, the general of the Zhou Dynasty. Chen Youliang finally took control of the army Xu Shouhui, but his fate happened to be just like Wang Han Liner, the top leader of the Han Chinese uprising army. It was someone else who bought people’s hearts.
Chen Youliang finally made a move. It was a quiet night. Xu Shouhui held a beautiful woman in her arms just now, which made this man in his forties very satisfied. He remembered the hard work of walking around the streets when he was young and the ugly wife Xu Shouhui at home was more concave and convex than satisfying the young and beautiful woman in his arms. It is also strange that this woman’s figure is not only slender and smooth, but also makes the man control himself forget about China and France every night.
The door was suddenly awakened by someone kicking Xu Shouhui. I sat up from the bed and looked at the door. A man slowly walked into his room by moonlight. Xu Shouhui saw that it was his own righteousness to enter his room. Now Chen Youliang, the commander in chief of the army, believes that he doesn’t know how to break into his room in the middle of the night. Can something happen in the army?
Xu Shouhui said, "Do you want to be here late at night?"
Chen Youliang sneered, "This place should belong to me!"
Xu Shouhui said, "What did you say? Can’t you get drunk? " Xu Shouhui still doesn’t know that the crisis is at hand, and Chen Youliang already has the strength of self-reliance and no longer needs to rely on Xu Shouhui.
Chen Youliang slowly moved forward and the distance was getting closer and closer. After all, this is Xu Shouhui’s bedroom, especially the pretty woman Xu Shouhui lying next to her. She couldn’t help but growl, "Get out!"
Chen Youliang sneered and slowly sat down on the table and said, "There are three people who have said such things to me. Does the emperor know the consequences?"
Xu Shouhui said, "I don’t want to know that someone will kick him out!" Xu Shouhui even shouted several times to keep QinBing outside without any movement!
Chen Youliang laughed. "When my mother fled, a big family called me out like a dog, and he hit my mother’s office with his hand. Later, I cut off his hand and watched him die!"
Chen Youliang looked at his hand as if he remembered the tragic cry of that day, and then said, "The second time my mother died, I knelt down and begged the coffin shop owner to give me a coffin to bury my mother. He refused to scold me with a stinking tone, but a stinking beggar told me to go out! So I burned his shop, including his wife and children, and no one could come out of the coffin shop. He left with all his coffins! "
Xu Shouhui said, "You are so cruel!"
Chen Youliang said, "The third person is you!"
Xu Shouhui said, "What do you want?"
Chen Youliang said, "I said this place belongs to me, including the women around you!"
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Hongwu the Great ()
Chen Youliang killed Xu Shouhui’s self-reliant kingdom. The sense of honor is also ironic. The sense of honor is just to deceive the world. How can the world easily deceive the foolish Chen Youliang? Although hundreds of thousands of sites are far away from Zhu Yuanzhang, it seems a foregone conclusion that he will help his advisers around him.
Chen Youliang, Liu Futong’s army, etc., still fought for Zhu Yuanzhang by the Yuan army, attached to the name of Liu Futong, and under the banner of expelling the Tatars and restoring the Han people’s mountains and rivers, I don’t know if it would be so good if I got a name instead of being spurned by heaven!
On this day, Chen Youliang received a letter from Zhang Shicheng. Generally speaking, Zhu Yuanzhang unified the troops, and the soldiers would oppress the people and wantonly humiliate the Jinling people. The surrender soldiers were wantonly killed, which was against the request of heaven. He sent troops and the people in addition to this great disaster.
Chen Youliang exultation immediately released a campaign, "Zhu Yuanzhang was born in cloth and clothes, and he slaughtered the enemy. Chen Youliang Tiancang was determined to crusade against evil!"
Chen Youliang immediately attacked Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhang Shicheng with an army of 100,000, and the same 200,000 troops added up to one million troops!
Li Shanchang said, "Zhang Shicheng is a selfish villain who forgets justice, but Chen Youliang has to guard against fear!"
Zhu Yuanzhang said, "Can Jinling and other places mobilize military forces?"
Xu Da said, "Two hundred and fifty thousand!"
Zhu Yuanzhang took a deep breath. "250,000 against 1 million of you can have a good plan!"
Huayun said, "Chen Youliang is bound to follow the Yangtze River and keep the method of quarrying in the middle for a long time. Huayun is willing to lead troops to defend Taiping. The strength of the Chen Youliang water army is not bad. It is inevitable to choose a quick decision. If you can stall your opponent Chen Youliang, you will lose!"
Zhu Yuanzhang naturally didn’t want to lose the Taiping town. Once it was lost, it would be like attacking Jinling on the same day. Then Zhang Shicheng and Chen Youliang joined forces to siege their own hands and worked hard to save more than 200,000 military forces. It must not be the opponent of the other million troops. Now it can be like this.
Life Huayun led twenty thousand troops back to Taiping and couldn’t hold out. Zhu Yuanzhang sent a detective to spy on the movements of Chen Youliang’s army. Jinling recruited troops and expanded to three hundred thousand to train water army warships day and night, but a thousand were a pity compared with Chen Youliang’s giant boat method.
Chen Youliang warships are really fierce. Shipbuilding at the end of Yuan Dynasty is already a world-class ship. Most of them are as high as three stories. All kinds of guns are available. Warships are equipped with all kinds of hidden compartments, which are suitable for archers to hide and launch crossbows. Compared with Zhu Yuanzhang’s collection of Chaohu and Jinling warships, many single warships need guns to hit them.
Chen Youliang sent 100,000 troops to quickly occupy the retreat of quarrying defenders, leaving some shabby clothes, mostly to confuse Chen Youliang.