I met a magic Dan poisonous python in a ravine. After a hard struggle, it will be beheaded by the sword.

Although this bitter struggle won the battle, there was a sense of detachment and carefree.
The realm of repair and soul is in perfect harmony, and the sword moves with the heart and mind. This is the magic Dan’s realm of poisonous pythons, which will eventually be beheaded by many means.
Miss makes Baiyun Tower find a sword move that is most suitable for the current sword practice.
Although this swordsmanship is a combination of two instruments and swordsmanship, it is difficult for Bai Dazhangmen to repair it. Although it is low in kendo, it is still understandable.
I realized the simplified spring rain sword trick when I got cold feet in the killing of poisonous pythons.
The spring rain sword is good at this point. Although its power is weak, it is continuous, and its meaning is like silk sword. Poisonous pythons unconsciously take the road.
The sword’s meaning is like rain falling, and it’s dark. It’s true fire, poisonous python spews poison, and it’s half washed away and burned out.
When the python’s tail swims and shakes, it can greatly slow down the snake’s escape and tail attack.
And this sword is the most powerful to deal with such a monster, but it is the spring rain, and the spring breeze and the rain contain a strong breath of life.
I was possessed by a series of swords, and I was deeply poisoned. The python demon soul was constantly washed and practiced, and I was awake for a while before being beheaded.
Of course, a few demon poisonous pythons have recovered, and they still have evil thoughts about Terran. As soon as they wake up, they become more and more cruel.
Is it possessed by nature?
After killing the poisonous pythons, the poisonous pythons contain a huge amount of qi, half of which belong to this small world, and the other half escape into the Baiyun Tower refining method.
Only a few strands of this half-qi-machine blend into the residual qi-machine and instantly escape into a virtual space somewhere.
This is actually exquisite in accordance with the requirements of the white big head specially set rules
In this way, we can gain more from all kinds of challenges by incorporating knowledge into the limited maintenance and slow ascension of Qi.
And the remaining qi machine has not been contaminated with special marks, and then it has escaped into the virtual boundary with it and accumulated it.
After successfully slaying a poisonous python in the magic Dan territory, Baiyun Tower moved on to slay and exorcise the demon.
Follow the trend all the way to deal with the small demons who come to stir up trouble and repair the Baiyun Tower, and also try to cultivate various swords and tricks.
Not only is the spring rain sword more and more skillful, but it has also been re-cultivated.
After repairing and blasting, the meaning of breaking the sword has been broken, but it has changed more because of the synchronization of repairing and spiritual realm
Compared with the previous broken sword, almost all of them are forced to break and cut down with the help of powerful spiritual force.
After some exploration, Baiyun Tower found the potential of this broken sword.
After incorporating the earthquake-character tactic, you should meditate and feel, and then you can gain instant insight into the enemy’s flaw when you leave the sword.
Knowing the flaw, there will be a broken sword and a spring rain sword. Find a gap and penetrate into the ordinary magic Dan territory. Most of the magic repairs and demons can’t escape the white head sword.
There is no way to deliberately provoke the Baiyun Tower if you have an eye for the sky. For example, the demon king in the magic cave is not weak, and the monks in the magic Dan territory can avoid it.
It’s hard to send a show in front of the absolute strength of the foundation period.
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-three Yi Xin resting to restore energy
It’s getting late, Baiyun Tower is going to find a secluded place to lay out the array and cultivate a rather tired god knowledge. After all, practicing sword meaning is extremely exhausting.
Just then, a white shadow fled from a distance and stayed in shape. It was Linghe Xiaobai who fell impressively.
"Sister has something to ask …" With a crisp heming, an idea came into the knowledge of Baiyun Tower.
Not only that, the white crane also showed its wings to let the white head master get the crane back as soon as possible.
I have something to ask … My heart is a little strange, but the Baiyun Tower didn’t delay. I sat on the crane’s back and rode away with the wind.
When Xiao Bai closed his wings and fell to Baiyun Tower, he jumped and was immediately attracted by the prospect of his eyes.
The bamboo forest is shrouded in fairy fog
The courtyard outside the lobby of the original inn was re-tended, and all the walls were demolished, and there was an extra spring next to the bamboo forest.
A few clumps of aquatic plants and a few herrings in several pools are quite interesting.
There is a stone table and bench of Lingguoshu beside the spring pool, and there is a bamboo swing beside the bamboo forest on the other side.
It’s really a lot of thought that I’ve spent most of my time tossing out such a scene …
But it’s really refreshing …
I’m feeling that the charming figure of school sister Chaoyang walked out of the Baiyun Tower from the inn and was greeted by a step. "Chaoyang heard that you have something to ask …"
"Yes, that’s the school sister who painted the characters. I decided to learn from scratch …" Speaking, Zhao-yang Xia came to the stone table and took out all the objects.
Lingmo, Fu paper, ink pen and other preparations are quite neat. Not only that, but also back to the house to bring out tea snacks.
"Chaoyang, you are really busy this half day …" Baiyun Tower can’t help feeling out.
Xia Chaoyang conveniently poured a cup of green tea for the senior brother and casually replied, "There is nothing small mirror. They are all busy passing by together, and the bamboo forest over there is not bad. Hey hey …"