At this moment, the waves seemed to understand Li Jianfeng’s position and feel his pain, struggle, hesitation and just determination to report Blue Star!

Understanding is to understand that the waves can’t be seen by Li Jianfeng yet, and he can’t stand up and say that Li Jianfeng and Elaine Lin are his waves.
Li Jianfeng handed the envelope in his hand to Zhang Yi, and then he looked around with alertness and walked slowly. Of course, he wouldn’t find secretly protecting Zhang Yi, and he wouldn’t find the waves in the hiding car. He even walked in front of the wave car.
It was not until Li Jianfeng’s back disappeared that Zhang Yicai walked slowly away from this place and strolled the streets to update the fastest w w w
Maybe Zhang Yi still misses the wave that made her love and hate. Maybe a classic lyric has suddenly popped up in her heart. You go your own way and I’ll catch up. Maybe I’ll dance alone or walk alone in the street.
Xiao didn’t tell Zhang Yi that the waves would come to Zhang Yi tonight. Zhang Yi didn’t know that the waves were driving slowly behind her in the car.
After walking a street, the wave car slowly sped up the chase. Zhang Yi stopped in front of her. There was no car in the wave, but the co-pilot door was knocked down and waited quietly.
Zhang Yi saw a car parked in front of her. It was still a small car. She came over and looked down …
It was him who made her love and hate the waves!
Zhang Yi looked at the waves, and her heart suddenly burst into bitterness and bitterness. She coldly closed the door, but she still walked without a car and quickened her pace.
The waves smiled wryly and never left the car. They crossed Zhangyi and stopped to hit the door, waiting quietly for Zhangyi to drive.
Zhang Yi didn’t even help him with the car door this time, so he walked around in a hurry.
Xiaoyuan drove the car and saw all this behind him until they were at odds. At this time, he still walked far away, otherwise both of them would take him as a punching bag and shoot him. Xiaoke Cong certainly wouldn’t make this light bulb, let alone these two punching bags. He turned around and slipped away.
When the waves tried not to give up the third stop, Zhang Yi hit the car door in front of him and waited for Zhang Yi’s car, Hou Zhangyi suddenly jumped into the car, hugged the waves and kissed them madly. She knelt down on the sofa seat and returned her legs to the outside of the car door, so she hugged the waves and kissed them madly.
The waves kissed Zhang with their hands behind their backs.
The street is in such a hurry that no one will notice a couple kissing in the car.
Seeing her melancholy and beautiful waves, my heart suddenly jumped. It seems that he has just discovered that Zhang Yi is really beautiful! He has always been the two most beautiful extremes of women: Ouyang and Blue Moon Ouyang are gorgeous, moving, generous and decent. Blue Moon is elegant as fairy charm, and now the waves show that Zhang Yi is not worse than Blue Moon and Ouyang. Her melancholy, elegance and elegance are between Ouyang and Blue Moon, and they are both long!
At this moment, the waves realized that it was not Ouyang and Blue Moon, but Ouyang Qian, Blue Moon and Zhang Yi!
Seeing Zhang Yi wearing a blue one-piece dress and wearing a red silk scarf adds a bit of fun. The waves know that this red silk scarf is the joint code, because the reporter has to wear a red silk scarf when he comes to meet people, whether male or female.
The waves put their eyes on Zhang Yishi and quietly appreciated him. Although he had long been familiar with Zhang Yishi everywhere, wearing clothes and Zhang Yishi still gave him a feeling of getting to know each other again-getting to know each other as first time!
Zhang Yi slowly came to the rockery and didn’t look in all directions. She showed that an agent should be calm and witty, with a faint melancholy brow and a faint smile at the corner of her mouth, like a woman frustrated in love with a dim light. She was alone and sad, letting out her fragrance and fragrance.
The rockery is surrounded by a pond, which is surrounded by a circle of railings, leaning quietly against the railings and looking at the high jet fountain, waiting for someone to join her.
The waves saw that the pond was a little far from the fountain in the center of the square, and there were not many tourists. Occasionally, people passed by, but many couples secretly kissed in the shadow behind the rockery behind the pond.
At this time, a figure attracted the attention of the waves. This person came earlier than Zhang Yi and had been sitting quietly in a tree. The shadow was hidden by the lights, so the waves could not see the face of this person clearly.
This person has been paying attention to Zhang Yi for more than ten minutes, and there is no suspicious person around Zhang Yi. This talent slowly got up and walked slowly to Zhang Yi.
This person is facing Zhang Yi, and the waves can’t see this person’s face clearly, but he feels that this figure seems a little familiar, but he can’t remember who it is for a while.
Zhang Yi saw this man coming to himself and still didn’t get up. He gave this man a faint look and showed no expression.
The waves saw this man approaching Zhang Yi, talked with Zhang Yi for a few words, and then handed something in his hand to Zhang Yi like an envelope. After that, the man turned and left.
This man turned around and walked towards the waves. As soon as he turned around, lights appeared on his face, and the waves looked at him.
The waves were shocked. He never imagined that this reporter turned out to be Li Jianfeng!
I saw that the reporter turned out to be Li Jianfeng waves, and thousands of thoughts turned in my mind. It seems that I can understand that Li Jianfeng, although his official position is small at ordinary times, is not honest and upright. Only he is most likely to report Lan Tianxing’s rekindling of his old love with Cai Yujuan. It is not necessarily * * infatuation with Cai Yujuan may still want to search for some evidence of corruption of Lan Tianxing and Lin Linan from Cai Yujuan.
Oh, my god! The waves touched his forehead with a wry smile, a little regretting that Li Jianfeng was so miserable that Li Jianfeng turned out to be "one of our own"!
However, it is impossible to bring Li Jianfeng and Elaine together again, because Elaine has seen the CD-ROM of Li Jianfeng and Yujuan Cai, and Li Jianfeng also knows () Elaine has partnered with others to blackmail him to get them back together. Besides, he can’t stand up and say that I did it all! Even if he admitted that he was playing tricks on me, but the CDs of Cai Yujuan and Li Jianfeng are true. Will Elaine Lin forgive Li Jianfeng?
The waves don’t know what a wry smile it is. Alas, if he hadn’t found out about the affair between Li Jianfeng and Cai Yujuan, he would have let Li Jianfeng go. Who let Li Jianfeng cheat Elaine Lin and Cai Yujuan? Who told Cai Yujuan that he also wanted to take bribes from Lan Tianxing and let him wave Li Jianfeng be an asshole? It can be said that this was a misunderstanding, but the misunderstanding was greatly aggravated by the waves, which made it a bit bad.
Real Li Jianfeng told Cai Yujuan that when he wanted to accept a bribe from Blue Star, Li Jianfeng wrote a tip-off and it was already mailed to CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. It can be seen that Li Jianfeng dialect, but the reinforcements made Cai Yujuan rest assured of him.
There is such a kind of person in this world. He worships justice, law, truth and justice, which can damage his life and status, but he is not careful in his private life, so he is often impulsive. Fascinated by beauty, he temporarily abandoned justice and justice and indulged in enjoying this kind of person’s ending. Sometimes, he suddenly repented, and then he worked hard to fly, and then he sank to become a decadent. Li Jianfeng is also considered to be this kind of person. Although he has a small official position, he is not corrupt and honest, and his private life is usually cautious and not extravagant, but the only stain is that he rekindled his old love with his lover Cai Yujuan. But he also accepted money from Cai Yujuan, which made his conscience and feelings suffer. But that didn’t make him give up his determination to report Lan Tianxing. He knew that even if he wanted to report Lan Tianxing, he couldn’t be arrogant because he heard that a whistleblower had suffered badly for his family. He couldn’t let Lan Tianxing know that he reported it. Maybe he was not afraid of being hit, but he was afraid that Lan Tianxing would retaliate against his family.
At this moment, the waves seemed to understand Li Jianfeng’s position and feel his pain, struggle, hesitation and just determination to report Blue Star!
Understanding is to understand that the waves can’t be seen by Li Jianfeng yet, and he can’t stand up and say that Li Jianfeng and Elaine Lin are his waves.