Zhang Qing, who is less than ten years old, has been able to read and write words, so she found some deeds of Warrior Lanling from the speaker and some rental employers.

In particular, Warrior Lanling’s beauty theory, official history, unofficial history’s emphasis on ink, and Zhang Qing’s own appearance is just like Warrior Lanling’s, which is even better than a real girl’s home.
Although Zhang Qing’s clothes and manners were cultivated as a girl since childhood, the bloodiness of a man in his bones did not change. Even Warrior Lanling didn’t listen to him very much, and he had to be passionate. What’s worse, Warrior Lanling might have been his ancestor hundreds of years ago.
The thought of the sullen man who seems to get revenge for his madness after seeing himself disguised as a woman, Zhang Qing is young but white. This kind of behavior must be a disgrace to his ancestors’ hearts, and he can no longer suppress it. It wasn’t long before he found a chance. While that woman named Tang had just mixed into a big back house, she stole the woman named Tang’s ecstasy, but it was in her own bowl.
After the drug was released, Zhang Qing stripped him naked and threw him into the back house. Everyone passed through the courtyard aisle.
Tang’s wife, who was sent to the government, was punished, but it was a big deal that she was accused of cheating good women and girls over the years. At the end of the incident, it was reported to the imperial capital. Finally, the imperial court (Huizong) said that it was difficult for a woman’s family to buy his meat and go home to cook it, and sentenced him to a public year.
During the public execution, it took three days and three nights to cut a total of 1,312 knives, which was a sensational case at that time.
Zhang Qing, however, was afraid that the gloomy middle-aged man would come to revenge himself after hearing the news, and he didn’t dare to show up in front of people, so he ran away and became a hero once. Since then, he has become a little beggar on the horizon.
Zhang Qing, a beggar, is really not successful because his little face is too handsome and refuses to paint himself dirty. Not only does he not get food, but he is often excluded, laughed at and beaten by his peers.
If it hadn’t been for the kindness of saving a dying old beggar and being accepted by the elder who is said to be a beggar’s sect, Zhang Qing would have become a starving man on the roadside and was buried by a group of wild dogs.
Later, the old beggar finally died, and Zhang Qing was finally able to get help from his peers by virtue of his three bags of younger brothers, just like being squeezed into the living queue.
He wandered all the way to Yongjia, Zhejiang Province, and finally ended his beggar career.
Chapter 20 Crazy Origin
Yongjia has a very prosperous drama style. Most of the southern troupes in China are here. Zhang Qing is born with beauty. Soon, a class leader found that he had been recruited into the southern troupe and settled down under the pseudonym Zhang Si Er.
In many operas, the Southern Opera Troupe is more inclined to sing in the literary drama. Zhang Qing not only has an outstanding voice, but also knows how to distinguish words. He soon made his mark in the literary drama because he was only ten years old when he first appeared on the stage, and he was given a name of Xiao Zhang Shiro by his peers.
After three years in a flash, when Zhang Qing was thirteen years old, he had already played the leading role in Taiwan. In less than a year, he not only became a troupe, but also led the wild troupe that had set up a stage at the head of the intersection village to enter the city. There was a fixed stage in the city, and the tile house stood firm. Finally, it boarded the largest tile house in Hangzhou during the Lantern Festival.
The scene "Farewell My Concubine" was so crazy when Zhang Qing played the role of concubine Yu, that the audience forgot that it was an act and the crowd was angry and wanted to grab the stage to save her.
If Zhang Qing hadn’t revived thousands of people in Xie Chang at the same time, the consequences would have been unimaginable
This performance of Yuji Xiaozhang Shiro can be described as overnight fame.
But I don’t want to answer the old saying that people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong. Zhang Qing was bathing in the bath bucket in his room after returning to his room that night, but suddenly someone broke into the house. It turned out that a man who likes male style borrowed alcohol and broke in with a bunch of gangsters to want to be Zhang Qingqiang.
"This is my first madness!" Zhang Qing turned pale but didn’t stop telling her own past.
Li He was the reason why Zhang Qing suddenly went crazy after seeing a bath by himself.
"You said that the gate of Hangzhou failed to stop you?" Li He swallowed water.
Seeing Zhang Qing nodding, Li He asked carefully, "Is there anything else that will make you suddenly crazy?" Li He has never seen a white face at this time. What a joke? This madness will smash more than a dozen big men and fight our way out from the encirclement of officers and men who arrived at the news. Finally, the iron gate at the city gate was directly smashed by him and rushed out of the city. Don’t ask about your life, but there will be danger at any time.
"Sudden fright and seeing blood may drive me crazy!" Secretly glanced at Li He’s injury and Zhang Qing’s look became coy again.
At this moment, Li He has forgotten this quarrel, and his eyes are shining. "You said that you are a descendant of Warrior Lanling. You just heard the story of Warrior Lanling. This man is not only the most beautiful man in the Northern Qi Dynasty, but also the most brave warrior at that time. He likes to fight alone. He often breaks into a horde and kills a few people. Do you think he will enter that crazy state as soon as he sees blood, so he will have such incredible fighting power?"
Zhang Qing shine at the moment in the heart secretly thought about the amazing destructive power when he was crazy. If it is in the war, it is really possible to become an enemy like Warrior Lanling.
"Ah," Li He suddenly said, "Is this really the government?"
"That you but you have a big case …"
Seeing Li He’s face showed a worried look. Zhang Qing felt a warm heart but pointed to the bedside. Yi Deng told Li He to look at the shadow of the lamp.
"Oh?" Li He frowned and said, "But the lights are black?"
Zhang Qing nodded.
This often blushing daughter, Xiao Zhang Shiro, is a bold advocate in her bones. After fighting in Hangzhou, she knew that she would be wanted, but she didn’t flee to the suburbs of Shan Ye. Instead, she boldly went all the way to this day, and the first capital was sealed for six years, but she didn’t find it. Once, Zhang Qing was still watching her painting, drawing, graphic and sea arrest documents at the gate of the city.
Although everyone knows the truth of the dark, it is rare to dare to come to the sky by himself after committing a major case like Zhang Qing.
According to the history, Warrior Lanling’s "soft appearance, strong heart and beautiful voice", it is really possible that Zhang Qing is a direct descendant of Warrior Lanling.
Two people this chat turned out to be straight outside the crow just wake up.
One lost his memory when he was a child, and he was in the same boat when he was stolen from his childhood. This night’s long talk made him feel more congenial, so he bowed down to the rising sun in the courtyard and married a half-brother
"Big Brother!" Zhang Qing’s face lit up.
"Second brother!" Li He is also a beaming face.
It is natural for two people to become sworn brothers, but Li He’s amnesia can be compared by appearance. Where do they want to get this world and such a supplement as Longzhi, which can make people grow up overnight, but Li He, a minor, took advantage to become Zhang Qing’s eldest brother?
"You, you, you!" Zhang Qing’s face suddenly saw a ghost and generally pointed to Li He’s language.
Li He was wrapped in a cloth and had a face that was exposed because of inconvenience. It was a face of bruises that others could not see, but at this time, Zhang Qing saw where Li He had any scars.