"You arrange things in the front yard. Good. In the back yard of Weixing, Mu Shifang’s mother will look at you." Su Miandao

"Mainly to ye state? What about that world? " Fang mammy surprised way
"With" Sue cotton light looked at ignorant way
No one dares to refute that the princess is so serious for the first time, right
Soon everything was arranged, Su Mian changed into a suit and took her son in a carriage.
It was already noon when I left, and it was about to light up all the way to Ye State. Su Mian personally held her son, and Yan Gui would have greeted her by then.
"How come here?" He took the son surprised way
"To give the north wind body" Sue cotton smiled with how many sad way.
Yan Gui held her son’s hand tightly and didn’t say anything.
After a few hours’ rest, Su Mian went to see the north wind with a small bag.
He’s already in the grave, but the coffin hasn’t closed yet. He wants to stop their mother, but he acquiesced when he saw Su Mian’s eyes.
So almost all the generals looked at Su Mian holding the parcel in front of the coffin of the North Wind.
She pointed to the north wind and said to Xiao Bao, "Call my uncle."
Xiao Bao can call uncle. He often calls uncle Su Lin. At this time, he is puzzled, but his eyes are firm to his mother and he calls him "uncle"
Soft children’s voice made everyone cry.
Su Mian also saw the hairpin in the north wind’s hand. She was never an ignorant woman.
She has known the north wind’s mind for years.
It is because she knows that she always has a respect for the north wind. No, he likes her but never tries to say anything.
Maybe it’s because she is his mistress.
But how can such a man be annoying?
"Is everything arranged after the death of Wang Ye Shuofeng?" Su mian asked
Yan to nodded.
"Shuofeng has no family. I want to recognize him as a big brother and enter the Su family. Does my father’s righteous prince think it’s okay?" Gal the north wind is a surname.
Yan looked at her deeply and nodded.
The north wind entered the Su family tree and Su Lin’s peers.
On the day of the funeral, Su Mian wore a white flower as his brother.
The soldiers were moved. If there were no family members to worship after death, it would be a great favor to have a family member in the family tree.
Princess Gao Yi!
Su Mian ordered a man to carve two sentences on the tombstone of the North Wind. It is a good end for a man to die in the battlefield when he is loyal to his country.
Death in battle is a happy ending.
How much honor is this, general?
The north wind was chased as the general of Yijing State and the Hou court of Jing ‘an quickly approved the illness and gave a lot of gold and silver to comfort the wounded and reward the northwest 43. Chapter 43 You are alone.
Since ancient times, anyone who can’ Jing Guo’ is not a general. This is Yan Gui’s affirmation of belonging and Yan Gui’s grief for his brother.
Buried in the north wind, Yan returned to Fengcheng and the military forces were controlled by the high wind.
These days, the prince is not happy, the princess is not happy, and the world is a little depressed.
Handmaiden are afraid to do something wrong.
Su Mian was the first to get rid of such emotions. It is certain that even if a friend is gone, he will always be sad.