Nan Rong’s magic foot softened and hurriedly held Yang Ye’s shoulder. Yang Ye looked back and wondered at him and asked, "What’s wrong with you?"

"This … this is the RuYan talk?" South glory magic stare eyes asked.
Yang night nodded.
"This sound is really nice!" Nan Rong illusion seems a little excited. "Yang night, I’ll tell you the truth. Just listening to her is a kind of enjoyment!"
"That’s right, sir. You don’t know that Fengmingxuan wants an ocean for those guests who want to hear us sing a tune like Yan Yan!" Madam Yang Ye and Nanrong Magic proudly put in a word behind them.
Yang night also walked over and took a photo of Nan Rong’s magic shoulder. "Let’s go and wait until you see the real person to see if it is a kind of enjoyment."
Talking like Yan Yan, the door has been beaten like Yan Yan, and the room is properly dressed. I heard a stranger outside the door, and it is not good to come out to meet him. But the room is short of listening. Yang Ye is slow to come in, and his heart is naturally anxious and angry. Like Yan Yan, my little girl is immersed in her first love, and Yang Ge certainly doesn’t think enough about her, that is, one day together is equal to one second, and one second later is equal to one day in love.
Although Yang Ye didn’t leave until last night, Ruyan still didn’t want to see him push the door and came out without Cui Hua Nanrong Magic and Madam Bust. She hurried a few steps to the front of Yang Ye and took Yang Ye’s hand and hung her head. Her eyes shyly glanced at him and gently called out, "Why didn’t Yang Ge come in?"
Yang night smiled and stretched out his hand and touched Ruyan’s face and turned to Nan Rong’s illusion and said, "This is Ruyan."
South glory magic leng slowly nodded.
Yang Ye smiled and said to Ruyan, "Ruyan, this is Mr. You can call him Nan Ge."
If Yan Yan is one leng, Nan Rong is also one leng, but if Yan Yan is a horse, he laughs civilly, leans over slightly and blows his mouth, and Jiao Jiao calls a "south elder brother".
South glory magic quickly nodded "hello as Yan deeply"
"Let’s go in and sit down and say," Yang Ye smiled and took Ruyan’s hand and patted Nanrong Magic and turned to the madam and said, "Get ready to eat and swim for most of the day." Then he walked over to Ruyan’s room.
Madam smiled and said, "Cui Hua! What are you staring at? Stewed sauerkraut in the building! "
Cui Hua twist a head looked at Yang night a few people lightly chastising the side building and whisper "has always been rushed to get to recently! Blame Mr. Lu! It’s good to have me in and out in the past ten years. I’m redundant! "
Yang Ye smiled back. "Cui Hua, shall I introduce you to a man?"
Cui Hua’s face turned red, and it happened that the madam urged another sentence, "Cui Hua!"
"coming!" Cui Hua blushed and pretended to stare at Yang Ye and muttered, "Mr. Lu will bully people!" Say that finish quickly ran upstairs.
Yang Ye Nan Rong’s illusion is like Yan Yan’s chatting in the room, and it’s a bit awkward, like Yan Yan’s illusion. They all say conventional remarks, and gradually look at Yang Ye Nan Rong’s illusion and talk about making fun of each other, and then they are no longer so formal. Later, three people came to eat food and drink wine.
After drinking some wine, Nan Rong Phantom chatted with Yang Ye by innuendo. Although Nan Rong Phantom didn’t understand a word, it meant to listen to Ru Yan. Ru Yan was not stupid and naturally understood those words. So he sat silently and sipped quietly, listening to Yang Ye drinking Nan Rong Phantom.
Real south glory illusion is a kind thing that doesn’t want Yang night to be emotional, and he is still a little worried that his sister Yunxin will be with Yang night life after all.
"Yang Ye, we are here to do business. I am worried that you will be short of courage once you are immersed in love." Nan Rong said to Yang Ye with a small handleless wine cup. "Besides, if you want to take a person to a strange environment, should you at least ask her permission?"
"Well, Nan Rong Phantom, if it’s you, you know a girl in troubled times. She likes you, believes you, and gives you everything. Can you wave your sleeves and walk away without taking away a cloud? And then whether the girl lives or dies? " Yang night also drank wine low back to the south glory magic words in the mind a burst of oppression.
"But does she know who you are? Do you know your situation? Isn’t it cheating to take her back when you know what she knows? " South glory magic slightly excited.
"South glory illusion you don’t understand feelings" Yang night narrowing her eyes.
"Yang night you don’t know moderation" South glory magic tone is cold.
Ruyan doesn’t know what suddenly happened. Both Mr. Huan and Mr. Liu Erhao changed their names, but she has already heard that two people are arguing with each other, and it seems that it is a matter of whether to take her away. As a result, although Ruyan doesn’t know where to take her away, she vaguely feels that it seems to be a difficult thing to let Yang Ge take her away. Yang Ge has difficulties, and so does this south elder brother.
So RuYan picked up a small handleless wine cup, smiled as far as possible, looked at Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom and said, "Yang Ge Nan Ge, please stop arguing. I know you said me." Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom turned to RuYan together at the same time.
"Real … I would have guessed that Yang Ge and I wouldn’t have a result. We are two people from the world." Ruyan still smiled but laughed a little sad.
"That’s right," said Nan Rong Magic. "Roots are two people in the world."
Yang night mercilessly stared at the south glory magic twist a head to defend the "not as yan deeply you don’t know …"
"No Yang Ge" RuYan interrupted Yang Nightmare and looked at Yang Nightmare and smiled gently. "Remember I talked to you? I never expected to be with you.
I have been satisfied with this period of time, even if I never see you again, but you and I remember that I will always think of you in my heart all my life, just like being with you is enough. "