Autumn bowed their heads and said, "If Cherish Soft Princess has really poisoned herself, then you still have something to say. After all, Cherish Soft Princess’s feud with Miss Gu is already an undead state, but if Cherish Soft Princess is captured alive, then …"

"We don’t know what happened when we cross the bridge in the driveway. Let’s take it one step at a time." Princess Qian Yue turned to Qiu Ruo with a heavy tone and a condensed face. "Wait for me to bathe and change clothes."
The news that the imperial envoys suffered heavy losses was still suppressed. Gu Qi was seriously injured and fainted. The emperor specially gave a lot of tonics to Jane. On the same day, the early morning court made a lot of noise. Princess Xiyue was still a daughter in front of many officials of the place of Chu. Others learned that Princess Xiyue had been placed under house arrest since then, but Princess Cherish was as if there was no news. Neither Xia Liang’s envoys nor officials of the place of Chu had the name again.
It was three days after Gu Jinxi woke up again.
"Hey, are you awake?" It’s been three days since Su Yi stayed by the bed. She couldn’t even blink her eyes and looked at Gu Jinxi’s pale face. After waking up, her ignorant eyes and tears could no longer be suppressed. Holding Gu Jinxi’s arm tightly, "Sunseeker, my poor daughter"
Gu Jinxi opened his lips with some force, and Pinellia timely helped Gu Jinxi up. "Miss, you should drink a cup of hot water first to moisten your voice."
"What about Big Brother? How’s it going?" After taking a few sips with Pinellia ternata, she stopped to ask Gu Ji about the situation.
"Gentleman’s situation has stabilized" Pinellia bowed its head in a small but very clear voice "The emperor has sent Song Yuan to come and see it, saying that you have handled it very well, miss. If you can get the antidote, Gentleman will not have life worries"
"What about the antidote?" Gu Jinxi clutched Pinellia tuber’s hand tightly
Pinellia shook his head and looked dim. "This … handmaiden doesn’t know."
Gu Jinxi turned to Su Yi again. "Mom?"
"Your third brother said that the precious little princess’s mouth was too hard, and they tried their best, but she still insisted that it was a death warrant." Su Yi said with a dim look, bowed her head and looked at the tears. In just one day, a pair of children were seriously injured and sent back. She was a mother but didn’t know anything. This feeling was really … really …
Gu Jin sunseeker listened to immediately with a strong body "how did this happen? Where’s Xia Qianyue? Don’t Xia Qianyue know anything about it? "
"Princess Qian Yue has been under house arrest, Third Young Master. At the end of the day, she is a princess of Xia Liangguo." Pinellia sounds small.
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker chest hold breath feel throat a scarlet sweet mouth and a note of blood gush out.
"Miss miss!" Pinellia hurriedly took out a handkerchief in his arms to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth for Gu Jinxi; Su Yi grabbed Gu Jinxi’s hand and her face was full of tears. "Xier Xier, are you okay?"
"Xi’ er is awake?"
A clear voice suddenly appeared outside the door, so familiar and unfamiliar; Gu Huai, dressed in a blue shirt, heard the movement almost in three steps and went straight to the house. When he saw the blood in Gu Jinxi’s mouth, his eyes suddenly widened and he grabbed Gu Jinxi’s wrist and stared at Pinellia. "Didn’t I tell you that Xi Er can’t be stimulated?"
"Dad, I’m fine." Gu Jin’s sunseeker sound is very light and shallow, with a component.
"Aye!" Hearing the long-lost dad Gu Huai’s eyes turned red, and his nose turned sour and he grabbed Gu Jin’s sunseeker hand. "Sunseeker, don’t worry, dad will never let your brother and sister have something."
Gu Jinxi nodded, but he thought about it in his heart. He had a lot of complaints about Gu Huai’s heart, but he thought that he was relieved in the end. It is enough for Su Yi to accept it.
"Sister!" Gu Qian looked a little tired when he came into the house from the outside and saw Gu Jinxi. "How do you feel?"
"Where am I so weak?" Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His chest still had a dull pain. "Help me to contact Chu Guzhu and say that I have something important to discuss with him."
Gu Huai smell speech brow frowning slightly "sunseeker you …"
"good!" Gu Qian nodded. "I’ll try my best to find out if Master Chu hasn’t shown up in Liangdu for several days, even if he is still cool."
Su Yi clung to Gu Jin’s sunseeker hand and tears kept flowing. "Sunseeker, your eldest brother will deal with your own weakness, so don’t worry about your eldest brother."
Gu Jinxi bowed her head with a deep sense of guilt and regret. "Eldest brother will have this robbery because of me, and it should be stopped by me." She said that her tone was deep and her eyes were dark.
"In the final analysis, it’s all because of Xie Gu. If it weren’t for Xie Gu, how could these things happen now?" Gu Qian was angry but hated her teeth.
"hey!" Su Yi drank a light drink.
"Niang! When are you going to maintain Xie Jia? " Gu Qian bad to ruthlessly stare at Su Yi "they Xie Gu life is life we family life is grass? Sister kindly saved Xie Yi and Liu Feng, but what about their Xie Jia? What did they do? I don’t know how to repay kindness, but I will also disclose the news that my sister will know medical skills. Otherwise, what will cause your eldest brother to be killed? Because the summer precious little soft hand can’t reach in, the idea will hit my eldest brother’s body and my sister will … will … "
Su Yi listened to the whole people shocked. She just turned to look at Gu Jin’s sunseeker tone and murmured "Sunseeker …"
"Stop it, Third Brother!" Gu Jinxi bowed his head.
"Gu Shantou will be killed because of our Xie Jia?" Just arrived at the door Xie Yi and Mrs. Xie Lushi were shocked and helped Mrs. Xie Geng Shi, who was stiff and hard to swallow; She had a wry smile on her face. "This … this … really?"
Hear the sound Gu Huai and others turned to see Xie Yi line face instantly cold sink.
See Geng Shi moments Gu Qian immediately furious eyes bottom bursts with fire like hate can’t Geng Shi alive "Geng Shi you dare to come? Why don’t you think it’s enough for us to take care of our family? "
Don’t mind the abuse of relatives. The so-called unbreakable mistress of our family will get better soon. And that scum horse of Geng’s family will get a box lunch. Chapter 138 Are you satisfied now?
"Sister-in-law, is it really you?" Xie Yi still sitting in a wheelchair expression; It’s the face that has always been quiet and calm, and it’s a bit angry; The tone is light, but anyone can hear his anger.
Gu Jinxi’s rigorous medical skills are rare, and there are only a handful of opportunities to expose his hands. Most of the time, he avoids the crowd. How could it be known by Princess Cherish Rou of Xia Liangguo? From the time he received the news, he doubted it, but no matter what he thought, he didn’t think that the news actually came from their Xie Gu.
I feel that Xie Yi’s face is furious. Geng Shi’s heart is shaking violently. Even if she is stupid, she knows that she can’t admit that she can’t look at Xie Yi at this time. "Little brother, you … what are you talking about? How could I do such a thing? I don’t know that Gu Jinxi can do medical things!"
I don’t know Gu Jinxi’s medical skills, but I don’t know how they will charge themselves. She also don’t know; Suddenly thought of Xie Wei, he should not say, well, try to comfort himself.
"What are you?" Gu Qianmeng had grabbed Geng Shi’s skirt with one hand and gnashed her teeth almost through her teeth when everyone was still here. "You dare to say that you didn’t tell Sue’s family that you didn’t tell Xia Cheryl?"
Su Yi suddenly felt shocked and angry in her throat when she saw it. At this moment, she couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart. When she saw Gu Qian moving, she immediately took a sip from the low stool. "Stop it!"