I was surprised but suddenly felt warm!

"Why are you here?"
Still asking like this, but different situations make Su Ling have different moods!
The person who came here was just Huang Lao!
At that time, Su Ling’s whole person, Fu Huang’s old arms, sounded sullen, and the whole face came out of his chest. He also buried his arms as much as possible, trying to breathe the taste of Long Xianxiang!
At this moment, Su Ling lost her cool thinking. She didn’t expect that Huang Lao would inexplicably appear in Pearl Island!
Imagine how he found his own room by mistake!
But it is because of his appearance that Su Ling lusted after the warmth of his long absence!
It’s only been ten days before she can miss you so much!
"Are you all right?"
Burn old powerful arms and generous embrace will Su Ling all around you!
Asking in a low voice also revealed his concern!
Wen Suling first shook his head in his arms and then nodded his head, which was so inconsistent that Lao Huang didn’t say anything, but the situation was definitely not optimistic!
However, in this warm moment, neither Huang Lao nor Su Ling found that the ghost Yan at the original door had quietly retreated to the outside wall!
The atmosphere in the room is warm and warm. Su Ling relies on Huang Lao’s arms and doesn’t want to ask or say anything!
She knows how much support and strength this rare meeting has given her!
Good for a long time to the outside ghost Yan eyes desolate for a long time to the east sunrise Ran Ran promotion!
Stay Su Ling very not easy to calm the mood slowly back from burn old arms, her phoenix eyes holding a bit of light lift eyes looking at burn old fingertips a little bit rubbed his dyed black stubble jaw smiling asked, "why are you here? How do you know the location here? "
It’s rare to see Su Ling, such a small woman, burn the old three and think that all the way around, her smiling face is not worth a damn!
Wen Huang’s third child’s thin lips are slightly sipped, and her eyes are wrapped around her. Her cheeks are lightly broken and her tone is gentle. "I will come as you come!"
"You … come with me?"
This Su Ling just calmed down and rippled because of the old words!
In the face of Su Ling Charan Huang’s third son, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he put his arm around her and looked at her with one hand. He asked, "Is the island all settled?"
"Island? Huang Lao, you won’t always be, will you? You saw it all? "
It is false to say that you are not surprised! After all, Su Ling told Huang Lao that she just came back to meet Yu Bo and asked about the treasure!
But now, suddenly, he doesn’t shy away from this question. Unexpectedly, Su Ling recalls what happened outside the mountain gate not long ago!
Maybe this fellow followed her all the way to Pearl Island, and even he saw what happened in the back hill? !
This car Su Ling heart doubt haven’t settled burn old light nod "I have not come forward is don’t want you to do more! What are you going to do? "
Su Ling flirtatiously cocked her arch eyebrows and looked at Huang Lao suspiciously. Seeing that he was so calm and changed the subject, Su Ling didn’t want to be too melodramatic and secretly bowed her head and spit out a foul breath. "I don’t have any plans to leave here first!"
"well! All right! "
Burn old indifference should be a respect Su Ling all decisions!
And after two people warm for a moment, Su Ling wanted to say something to burn the old, but suddenly there was a noise outside!