Now … Actually …

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Helian tribe
After learning that the Toffee Hall in the East Palace was smashed in May, Su Ling could never tell him anything but a wry smile!
It’s all smashed. Tell him what else he has!
What’s more, she knows that the child wouldn’t take the initiative to find fault if it weren’t for Yosuke Sunrise who provoked her in May!
Think about it is drunk!
Their family seems to be born with the ability to make trouble!
"Why? Completed? "
Stay Su Ling back to Hector even Rio Tinto specially burn old and she just pushed the door and opened the tent when I heard inside to burn old asked.
Su Ling raised her eyebrows for a moment. "Why are you so upset?"
When I heard this, Toshihiko, the third son of Huang, directly hugged Su Ling in his arms before he flickered forward. "The heartless thing king cares about you!"
It’s rare to hear Huang Laosan say so bluntly that Su Ling’s face is happy, and then she smiles and puts her arms around him. She also nests in his arms and says with a smile, "It’s not over yet!"
"Well, whatever!"
Su Ling at this time with a surprised look up at burn old moment then his forehead gently rubbed his blue stubble lazy face with a funny couldn’t help saying, "I’ve killed Hector even Jinse! You really don’t mind? "
At that time, I knew that Su Ling had deliberately asked this question!
However, even though Huang Laosan was in the mirror, he answered, "Her king never cared!"
Listen to burn old this saying is open and honest, and the tone is full of indifference to Hector even Jinse and so on!
Su Ling, of course, has long known that Huang Lao’s mind must have such an attitude of friendship and inquiry, and she also wants to find some fun for chatting with each other!
Stay Su Ling as burn old hug to one side clean and tidy soft chair eyes also instantly looked at the spacious bright tent.
With a smile in her eyes, Feng immediately put her mind to burn her old body again!
"Hey, look at this!"
When Su Ling carefully took out the golden key from her arms and handed it to Huang Lao, her face became strange and suspicious!
This golden key can be seen to be quite exquisite in both structure and polishing!
But she doesn’t know who put the golden key into the front leg of the white tiger a long time ago!
When Huang Lao smelled it, Su Ling put the key stand in her hand in the palm of her hand and studied it carefully for a moment. Then she asked in a low voice, "Where did it come from?"
"White tiger gives!" Su Ling doesn’t give birth to a trace of sadness when she reaches the white tiger’s fundus.
Soon she will explain what happened before the white tiger and her body to burn old!
Su Ling fell behind, and both of them fell into a short silence!
Soon burn old carefully rubbed the golden key and he twisted the knife-shaped eyebrows and half hung his eyes. "White tiger, I vaguely remember that there was a white tiger in the previous power!
But it’s too long ago and many things have long been forgotten! If you really think that the white tiger is from the Feng family, then this matter may need to be carefully investigated!
After all, the importance of carving the golden key into the white tiger bone is self-evident!
What do you think? "