"It seems that if you want to prove whether you have succeeded in living and let the dark emperor come to me, you will continue to improve yourself." Zhang Tao thought to himself

Different levels enjoy different treatment. The number of nine-level martial artists in the whole Magic Tower is quite rare. Most of them are congenital, and their status is slightly higher with the acquired scholars. Of course, they are also graded. They have just entered the Magic Tower of Tianshi Martial Arts, and they can say that they do not behave with their tails between their legs.
However, if you want to hold your head high, you must become a second-class Tianshi. If you want the Magic Tower to be respected, you must have a top Tianshi.
Of course, the saints will have the magic tower of life and death, and the magic tower has a very high status. However, because the saints are also competing with each other, everyone will rarely appear or fight each other.
Zhang Tao looked at the post he needed to perform. The thought of entering Gu Youjun’s huge palace is surrounded by guards. Obviously, these people are innate experts. Whether they are just born novices or honed peaks, they are all post materials.
Even if Zhang Tao Sanhua gathers at the top, it can be a slightly high-ranking post guard. If you want to get rid of this embarrassing situation, you must be a full-time scholar.
Zhang Tao, a nine-level martial artist, can challenge Tianshi at the summit, so the gathering of three flowers at the summit can’t kill Tianshi Zun? Even if you are not a nine-level warrior, but you are afraid of your current card?
If you want to challenge someone who is stronger than yourself, you must go to Vietnam in the first three days. Of course, the other side can’t refuse the challenge of the Magic Tower, which means that the fight to the death will stop.
Zhang Tao took a look at the bamboo slips, and the first-class Tianshi can become a magic tower that can walk at will, practice at will and have higher talents! Moreover, people who wear clothes all day are different from ordinary people. You can know your status and strength by walking down the street.
Although Zhang Tao has been sealed, he will not give others a post.
However, the strength of the Dark Emperor and Gu Youjun is still fresh in Zhang Tao’s memory, and it is necessary for him to keep a low profile as a king! Zhang Tao threw the unfinished bamboo slips into the Mishu Tower and went out in special clothes.
To tell the truth, this cloak is not bad. It is the blood-red valley behind it that makes Zhang Tao feel helpless and walk into the street. There are indeed a lot fewer people with malicious intentions, because they all know that they can enter the three major forces and there must be something extraordinary. If they are not sure, they will not challenge the sneak attack
Moment Zhang Tao saw two people wearing black robes surrounded by a man wearing a blue robe came along, and the black robe was also blood red. Obviously, the other party was a dark force, and a smile appeared at the corner of Zhang Tao’s mouth. Two people wearing cloaks were so respectful, and this man’s clothes were outlined with a special potion. Slash is definitely a method to pretend to be a first-class Tianshi!
"Hey" Zhang Tao walked up to them.
Three people looked at Zhang Tao a little surprised. "What’s the matter with the cabinet?" When the man saw Gu Zi’s frown, it was not good for the three forces to fight often to show their power 2.
"I want to challenge you." Zhang Tao hooked his fingers and made a provocative touch.
Suddenly the whole street looked at Zhang Tao like a monster. "Did I say something wrong?" See all people surprised face Zhang Tao heart in a surprised.
"Good, you have a lot of courage." At this time, the blue robe man licked his lips. "My name is Hong, and I will wait for you in the farewell hospital after three days of death. I will tear you to pieces in front of everyone." Hong put a malicious word and left with people.
"You have a lot of courage." The spectators around you are also gloating. Zhang Tao is very surprised that the challenge seems to be stronger than himself. It really takes courage, right?
In my heart, I have a slight bad feeling that I will return to my own house before leaving the hospital and be renamed by myself! Take out the bamboo slips and read the rest. Suddenly, the bamboo slips fall to the ground. Zhang Tao has a wry smile on his face. "It’s really a big price to pay if you don’t take it seriously."
The Death Farewell is a very special and bloody place. It is a place that can bring them happiness, but the challenger is still a nightmare and death.
Now! After years of silence, the death clause rang again with shouts and screams because they knew that another fool had violated the taboo.
The smell of blood and a crazy smell pervaded the whole courtyard, but it was a bloody Colosseum! You can clearly see that the ground is dark red, and the tread is a little slippery. Because the blood is too thick, even if people fight, there will be animals to die here at any time and anywhere.
There used to be a saying that the release of blood like a jumping beast in our hearts can bring everyone crazy boiling!
Although I don’t know which big brother this abnormal sentence comes from, it has become the motto of the death hospital, and it has become one of the reasons why the blood in the death hospital keeps on dying.
Now Zhang Tao’s body is tied to the arm, and the thickness of the chain is opposite to the number of animals, such as the name of the tiger! This is a kind of animal whose speed is like a high wind, whose strength is like Mount Tai. Although it looks like a huge wolf, its long fangs can not be ignored.
Zhang Tao, however, is completely tied up and can move very limited. It turns out that Zhang Tao’s fatal mistake is not to challenge opponents who are stronger than himself, but to challenge people from different camps.
Although the three major forces are fighting each other, there is a time and place for them to vent, and there will be no assassinations or fights on weekdays.
This kind of challenge is equivalent to breaking the taboo. These iguanas are starving. They are eyeing up and watching the bound prey disappear before them, and they will flock to them.
However, anyone who challenges the enemy forces will live and die before he is qualified to fight with the other side. At this time, most challengers are exhausted and waiting for him. Only despair and death will be regarded as stupid.
There is a best view of the table in the death clause. Naturally, the three giants are preparing. At this time, Gu Youjun doesn’t know whether he is happy or sad. Looking at his face tied, Zhang Tao looks dull
Dark emperor is silent but dark hey hey smile "I said you this hand is really bold? Did you give orders? " The dark man is as black as carbon, and his teeth look whiter when he speaks, but he seems to have one eye and the other eye is tied.
Gu Youjun looked at the dark devil coldly and said, "I will let my men die?"
"Ha ha that’s hard to say. What if you have such a hobby? Everyone knows your abnormal condition, "said the dark one suddenly.
Suddenly, Gu Youjun burst into a powerful momentum, not only a cheering person, but also a piercing tiger in the enchantment. He sobbed limply. Zhang Tao knelt down directly and did not resist being injured because of forced resistance. Now Zhang Taoke doesn’t want to get hurt
The stands are already full of cracks. You Jun is full of murderous eyes, but the dark one is not to be outdone. The dark emperor said at this time, "If you want to fight, wait until the battle is over."
"You want us to fight and then you can take advantage of it, right?" The dark one’s mouth is really unforgiving.
The dark emperor obviously knew that he didn’t answer the phone, but the dark devil didn’t continue to provoke the dark emperor and turned to say, "Gu Youjun, where did you say you died?"
Gu Youjun glanced at the dark devil faintly. "What can’t be your death?" The thought that Zhang Tao could kill the incarnate lady gave me a little hope.
The dark one suddenly laughed. "Gu Youjun, when did you become so humorous?" Obviously, it is impossible in history or common sense