&1; spanid=ad_o>&1; /span > The quantity is too easy for most people to get carried away by this pie, and then lose their minds and constancy. For example, a martial artist who pursues the ultimate martial arts for life can effectively control his own strength even if his emotions are on the verge of collapse, and the button to detonate a nuclear bomb in the hands of a knowledgeable child means that catastrophe is bound to come to a tragic end.

As the saying goes, no rules can’t make Fiona Fang.
One of the requirements for the inclusion of "Yuan Zhimen" is to test whether the candidates’ persistent pursuit of the road of seeking can realize that the pursuit of strength is by no means a panacea for enlightenment.
Yang Shen’s psychological state is already higher than all sentient beings, but he didn’t pay attention to the test. After Wei Ya announced the cloth, he immediately grabbed a bundle of straw and gestured on the spot.
Weaving straw sandals is not a complicated and profound skill, but it is not easy to achieve a limited number of 3 thousand pairs a week
A pair of hand-woven sandals will take about ten minutes even if they are handed over to a professional craftsman. I’m afraid it will take twice as much for a novice. Even if calculated according to the most ideal degree of work, a person can weave more than 200 pairs of sandals for seven days without sleeping, eating or drinking for 24 hours. However, it seems that Yang Shen’s earlier estimate is a bit too optimistic about Wei Ya’s entry test.
Looking at Yang Shen, Wei Ya moved to two spacious Shatanfeng and watched Yang Shen and straw struggle together.
Wei Ya’s face shows a little self-deprecating smile, which is about recalling the past situation in which he was tested!
It is difficult to embroider when looking at flowers. This proverb flashed in my mind. At the same time, the big sweat of beans kept dripping from Yang Shen’s forehead on the garden path, such as the technology of weaving straw sandals. He already had a well-thought-out plan, but his eyes were too low. Those seemingly supple straw refused to listen to people’s mercy. It took a whole afternoon to prepare the straw rope, but the achievements were disproportionate. It was only a straw rope with a rough texture and different thicknesses less than 30 meters long.
The sudden problems in the actual exercise really made Yang Shen flustered. At first, his impatience affected his control, and he accidentally rubbed the straw into a ball of powder.
Unwillingly, I wiped my forehead sweat and learned the lesson of failure again and again. Yang Shen barely survived the first day. When it was getting dark outside, Wei Ya raised her hand and offered a bright and cold light source like moonlight, which instantly lit up the patio garden.
Done according to the night Wei Ya ShiRan got up and slowly came to Yang Shen side seems to be tempted and encouraged to say.
"Hey little need not to have a rest first? You look tired to me? Or give up! I want you to admit that you can’t do it now! "
Smell Yang Shen looked up from Wei Ya to look, he read the disdain and contempt, took a deep breath, and Yang Shenzhong bowed his head and said angrily.
"Stop dreaming. I’m not giving up."
Hear Yang Shen answer Wei Ya burst out laughing and said.
"Hehehehehe, then you can continue!"
Wait until Wei Ya sat back to the sand surface and Tan Feng leaned over and said
"Hey, Lao Wei, it seems that you are not very authentic!"
"Slice! What is that purpose of the entrance exam? Is it difficult for us to recruit skilled workers and then make a large number of straw sandals for sale in the market? "
Wei Ya looked like an idiot. Tan Feng threw a sharp rhetorical question. Tan Feng was also a heart. After disorderly slightly thought about it, he already knew which one Wei Ya sang and immediately gave a thumbs-up and said
"insidious enough!"
Smell speech Wei Ya gently motioning with his hand and then a face of grinned.
"No! It’s not that my insidious ancestors used to take exams like this. In fact, I just do things by the book. You don’t praise me! "
A famous saying that was unfortunately tampered with once said, "Success requires 90% sweat and 10% talent, but that 10% talent is the most important thing." Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of people who are willing to work hard, but only a few people can have talent!
Generally, gifted people are expected by teachers and family members from an early age, and the result is either to bear too much pressure and eventually lead to mental breakdown and mediocrity, or to spoil too much and turn genius into waste wood.
Most hard-working people are not talented enough, but they are still successful despite their efforts. Those talented people are often too complacent to study their knowledge conscientiously, so neither is desirable. Only those who are both talented and willing to work hard are qualified to be included in the "Yuan Zhimen" of novels.
Yang Shen’s natural talent is excellent. Wei Ya is now more concerned about whether he has the characteristics of diligence and tenacity. This strange straw sandals test is the touchstone to test a person’s perseverance and understanding.
Unlike those half-registered brothers, "Yuan Zhimen" is not used to make up the number casually. In the future, it is absolutely necessary to be sloppy and careless. Like Yin Pingqiu, who is unlucky, although his talent is good and his background is hard enough, his registered brother was immediately removed from the test list by Wei Ya just because of his carelessness.
The severity of the requirements of "Yuanzhimen" for the inclusion of younger brothers can also be seen
With the repetition of the same work, Yang Shen gradually became skilled and rhythmic, and the time required to make a pair of straw sandals was gradually shortened from snail half an hour to old cow fifteen minutes. He became familiar with the weaving process of straw sandals, and Yang Shen’s nervousness was relieved, and his nerves were also relieved.
Staring at Yang Shen’s performance, Tan Feng turned to Wei Ya with a sigh of relief.
"How about not bad!"
When Wei Ya burst out laughing and said
"Poor! He didn’t correct his mentality from the beginning, but now he has corrected his mistakes at first, which is nothing. "
Tan Feng knew that Yang Shen didn’t know what poverty was at an early age. It is estimated that he grew so big or did such hard manual labor for the first time in his life.
"Hey, you’re too demanding."
Slightly shook his head Wei Ya nai spread his hands and said
"I told you a long time ago that it’s not that I’m harsh, it’s the patriarchal rules, so whoever takes the exam is treated the same. Even if I have to retake the exam myself and be an invigilator myself, it’s absolutely impossible to let go of water and raise my head three feet. The ancestors of all ages are watching!"
Volume 14 Section 9 Zhong Liu Zhen
I feel that Wei Ya’s test is not as simple as I thought. The more Yang Shen talks about it, the more he talks about it. Regardless of burying his head in weaving straw sandals, Wei Ya tried several times and saw that Yang Shen refused to hook up and started rambling with Tan Feng.
As the night deepened, Wei Ya got up and moved a muscle and stomped to Yang Shen and leaned over to count his work results again. He said quickly
Fifteen pairs. You still have six days and eleven and a half hours from now.
Has been tedious work to kill a lot of anger and pride, Yang Shen how many also realized that the exam weave sandals meaning deeply heard Wei Ya words but didn’t let go of the work without looking up.
"I know!"
Nai Yang Shen Wei Ya, such a low-key person, still refused to let him go and continued
"Smelly little look down on this kind of thing?"
Gradually found the rhythm of work. Yang Shen was fiddling with the straw with his hands and feet at the moment. Even if he talked to Wei Ya, he didn’t slow down his work. See that Yang Shen can realize that he should be single-minded in doing things. Wei Ya nodded slightly and said.
"Ha ha ha not like! At first, you were dismissive. Why are you modest now? "
No matter how old Yang Shen is, after all, a young man’s heart can’t stand Wei Ya’s repeated teasing. Although he didn’t stop working, he finally couldn’t help but look up at Wei Ya and said coldly.
"What are you trying to tell me?"
Looked at Wei Ya face upwards laughed and said
"well! Your understanding is not bad. Well, let me ask you what the Tao is. Listen, I’m not asking you what Tao is! "
Slightly slowed down the degree of straw sandals. After some serious thinking, Yang Shen replied cautiously
"the universe, the stars, everything in the world"
Wei Ya smiled and put out the photo with a flick of a finger, and then the gorgeous Milky Way appeared in the courtyard of the villa in the boundless night, looking up at the hundreds of millions of Milky Way Wei Ya said slowly
"Yes, you said that all those are manifestations of Tao, but they are far from enough. Everything, even if it is low, such as cow dung and horse urine, is a part of the avenue, so Tao is divided into high and low. Have you played those brain games in Yang Shen?"
This question is not difficult. Yang Shen immediately nodded and said
Organized a language, Wei Ya, and then spoke at length and said
"In the brain game, those gorgeous pictures and complicated plots are stripped of the virtual images outside, and the substance is exactly the same, but the effects are just created by the brain program, and the things are rendered by the program. No matter how wonderful and mysterious they look, they are just o1. Everything, all the basic elements of the law and the lowest rules of the combination are the same, and there is no difference between the craftsman’s straw sandals and the level that the yogi and the craftsman can reach. It is also a part of the Tao. If you don’t understand this Tao theory, how powerful you are, after all, it is just a speck of dust in the universe
Listen, listen, Yang Shen seems to have realized that his hand has never stopped moving. At this moment, he paused. He looked down at the straw rope in his hand and thoughtfully for a moment. After that, Yang Shen looked up with a smile on his face and said.
"well! I know! "
"Ha ha, go on!"
Back to Sha Weiya fillip lit up the night bead Tan Feng turned to look at the more hard work. Yang Shen looked at Wei Ya again and said
"Hey, you’re not fooling him, are you?"
Wei Ya bright boss a supercilious look to Tan Feng said
"I like so chat? Rules are rules that show guidance on one side, but never tell him the answer. "