Otherwise, it is difficult for several people to capture Qinchuan!

The moon has gone higher and deeper.
Qinchuan firmly protects his mind, but he feels more and more tired. If he confronts you head-on, he doesn’t have to be afraid. However, it is difficult to come up with a solution to deal with himself at the moment with such a little knowledge of the method and such a strange law.
In addition to confusing perception, the magic sound array of the method flute seems to have the effect of disturbing the truth element, and it is difficult to connect the nine obsidian glass lamps if it runs the truth element.
This time, I was a little upset that I didn’t refine it at the beginning.
"The left side is three minutes and five steps ahead!"
Suddenly, a light language rang out in my mind. It was just that wisp of residual soul that seemed to be reporting to Qinchuan about the positions of several buildings in the summer, and then Qinchuan’s mind was no longer running. Really Yuan directly guided the other party in that direction and made five steps.
The blade of the sword is raised and cut
A loud splash of blood.
Suddenly confused, the visual white fog seems to fade away in an instant, and many flute sounds echoed in my ears seem to have caused some delay as a result of this change.
"Go straight for nine steps and attack right in the middle!"
Another whisper came to my ears. Qinchuan still sprinted towards another person.
At this time, the remaining two people have changed their faces. People in front of Qinchuan saw this move and quickly evacuated toward the left rear. Then they saw that the dragon ridge flew out of Qinchuan’s hand as if it were a left arrow, and it had already passed through his chest in an instant.
"Before …"
Still ringing
Suddenly, all the illusions disappeared, and the strange white fog disappeared as if the root had never appeared, accompanied by a total whistle sound.
Qinchuan did not try to pursue, but stepped back to adjust his mind.
A true yuan spread out and firmly locked the maple messenger.
At the moment, maple trees make it difficult to sound piccolo alone, which is a law to form a law. Some people look at Qinchuan in horror as if they were puzzled by Qinchuan’s broken array.
"If you know how to break the method of flute magic sound array? !”
"I don’t want to pay attention to the witchcraft, but if you want to hurt me, I will spare you!"
Qinchuan didn’t answer him with a cold dragon ridge. Once again, the murderous look of the rich real yuan slowly spread out. This time, I didn’t know I would have a game without the help of the remnant soul.
Not only is this maple tree in front of me, but it is time for me to find the magic baby flower and get rid of the evil spirit, so that I should go to him in the summer to ask for a statement that people don’t deceive me and I don’t deceive others; If someone deceives me …
I will kill!
"You …"
Seeing that Qinchuan’s gloomy side is becoming more and more fierce and violent, the maple tree makes you feel that it is slowly moving back like being deeply shocked. Previously, all kinds of words in Qinchuan said that he still didn’t believe that a man of this age could defeat a thousand butterflies, which is simply a fantasy.
But when I saw him, I believed him.
Deeply believe!
"Spare his life, but after all, this man is also my maple clan."
Qinchuan was thinking about it, but there was a male voice in red in his ears. Then he thought that his eyes had more important things and the other side’s strength was not weak. It would take some effort to solve it.
After all, that man is a maple messenger.
Thinking about the eyes of a LiGuang Jianfeng Yang pointed to the ground two bodies.
"Go and tell your Lord that it will be like this if he continues to provoke our field!"
Smell maple makes Zheng, but believe in Qinchuan’s words. Lou Xia’s order to them is to capture, not to kill, and it is also a fear of Qinchuan’s dust behind Qinchuan. However, this time their goal has been achieved and there is no need to continue to entangle Qinchuan.
Bitten teeth, he still stared at Qinchuan, carefully moved back step by step, and finally disappeared into this pine forest in a flash.
Oriental whitening is already a general of Li.
"Come out"
Qinchuan low call back the dragon ridge.
Then the man in red once again showed his figure standing beside Qinchuan, but at this time, it seemed to be somewhat virtual and almost transparent, which must be about to dissipate.
"Thanks a lot"
The man saluted Qin Chuan. "They are Xia family. This kind of magic sound array of flute is the unique skill of Xia family, but what are they going to do with you?"
Qinchuan glanced at him.
"what if I say it’s your daughter they really want to deal with?"
Hearing this sentence, the man in red in Qinchuan suddenly sighed and begged to see Qinchuan appearing somewhat miserable.
Please don’t let her get hurt.
"It’s not me …"
Hold your head high and Qinchuan suddenly stopped in the middle of his words.
See the man in red figure gradually digest the light and dust, and the moonlight slowly disperse around. The influence of the ghost art has completely disappeared, as if leaving that face full of regret and pleading still reflected in Qinchuan pupil.
Destiny plays tricks on people.
What if I had known that the result would be against my will at the beginning? If there is no fear of Xia family and no reluctance to make maple throne, how can it cause such regret today?
Arrow is nothing like you.
Qinchuan suddenly whispered a heart but didn’t know it was emotion.
I once gave up my dignity in my previous life and refused to accept the protection of the teacher elder sister Muzihan, so that I would go wrong and practice the magic way, which would make my hope the opposite.
But never in this life!
Thinking about making a young look towards the center of Ghost Valley.
Chapter 16 Nightmare
It’s hazy
It’s strange that Qinchuan flew all the way, holding the stars in his hand.