She paused and smiled slightly. "What’s more, you and Lin Ergong are warm and warm. Sister told me that even if you want to deny it, you can’t." She deliberately tried her best to go to the low road. "It depends on Lin Ergong’s performance this time."

This time, Sister Fengwen specially told her about it and asked her to think of a way to stimulate a Erh Lin male. She immediately thought of this brothel, and then she tried her best to find out that when Feng Gong came here, she revealed it to the Erh Lin male so that no one would suspect that it had happened on purpose!
Jun Xiaomo can’t help but admire herself. It’s so clever!
When I was complacent, suddenly a pair of bones stretched out in front of me, holding a wine lamp in her hand and putting it on her mouth to "drink"
The man’s low and heavy voice suddenly sounded, and Jun Xiaomo shivered with fear. He looked at the people around him and twitched. Isn’t he very cold and domineering and doesn’t like to talk? What’s all of a sudden?
The white face is stained with a few invisible chardonnay. Although Jun Xiaomo is used to being careless, it is still a little shy to suddenly get in touch with a man so close.
"Okay, I’ll drink it, and you can drink it yourself."
She smiled twice and turned to look at the side of Jun Yao, who happened to see that the other party seemed to be leaving the sample. "Hey, that little girl, why don’t you pull her?" If she runs away, you won’t have any gold! "
Smell speech jun far around the little supposed to immediately put you far back "miss, let me wait on you for a drink? What kind of wine do you like to drink? This or this … "
"I don’t like nothing!"
Jun Yaoyao shook his head and was racking his brains to think that when he fled, Yamen suddenly slammed and was kicked.
Everyone inside was surprised.
Rao is a gentleman. Xiao Mo was psychologically prepared, but when she heard such a loud noise, her body was still shocked.
And beside her, Ji Luo squinted slightly, immediately put in a state of alert, and then lifted her eyes and looked at the door.
There is no doubt that Lin Jingluo was rushed to the door.
He is still used to his thin Gherardini face at the door of a purple robe, and his black eyes are frowning slightly. He grabs someone’s eyes in the room tightly for a moment, and somehow adds a little evil to the danger. Chapter 167 is far from daring, huh?
Jun, far away, couldn’t help looking at that direction with a burst of tears. It seems that danger is getting closer and closer to her.
Although she and Lin Jingluo didn’t, yes, they didn’t, but why was she so scared when Xiao Mo said he would come just now? Also, seeing him appear at this moment always feels that something is going to happen!
It’s over. I’m really going to be killed by Xiao Mo this time!
Everyone in the house couldn’t help looking at the intruder who suddenly seemed to break into the door, but Lin Jingluo had already regarded them as if he had already regarded others. He could see Jun Yao in his eyes and then walked towards her step by step.
Oh, it shouldn’t be said that he can still see the handsome little girl beside Jun Yaoyao, whose slender fingers are grasping Jun Yaoyao, but it took him a lot of effort to resist breaking it!
"How dare you?"
The man with a slight lip angle squinted and stared at her with a smile. It was very warm and gentle, but it made people feel that his eyes were cold and sharp at the moment, and his heart was full of sorrow.
Jun licked his lips and suddenly wanted to be dead. She immediately got up and her face was stiff. She couldn’t put out an expression. "If it wasn’t Lin Jingluo, I’d just come and see a … Ha ha, just see a …"
Man’s meager lips spit out a cold smile, then his bones split up, and he slowly lifted and pinched her, and her long and narrow eyes shone with dark and deep time. "It’s so bold of you to come to a place like this to see the distance. I am impressed."
Boo-hoo! Help! She really didn’t come here herself.
But it doesn’t seem moral or good to just foam out …
Jun Yao’s heart is beating very fast, so the man in front of him is holding her thoughtfully and studying her carefully, and she looks at her face with waves of heat and hongxia flashing.
"What does it matter to you where this young lady plays?"
Far away, the little girl slowly got up and sneered unabashedly, "You don’t look like her. Do you still want to discipline her and bind her as a friend?"
Jun Xiaomo almost didn’t get up and applaud him. This God’s assist came just in time to light the Erh Lin fire!
Sure enough, Lin Jingluo’s face was gloomy and sharp at once, and his eyes swept straight towards the man, no longer to be like that when he was far away, but to be completely cold and oppressive.
Jun Xiaomo thinks that Lin Ergong is so afraid that he hasn’t been said so, especially that the other party’s identity is still a small guard.
She stared at those people with great interest and eagerness, glanced at her with disgust when she didn’t see her next to her, and then withdrew her eyes and silently took back the wine lamp in front of her.
"Who are you to say such things to me?"
Lin Jingluo sneered at each other with disdain, but her heart was angry. How dare she say "Miss Our Family"? Jun Yaofen means when did others become a small family?
It’ s simply a slap in the face!
"I tell you this is my woman! In the future, if you see her coming in this hellhole again, you’d better ask her out, or I’ll directly wipe out your hellhole. Chapter 1671 She is also a victim, okay?
The young man’s face is red with anger, but he knows his identity. Now the lady hasn’t said anything. Look at that blushing and nervous appearance. He still likes what others do. He is even worse. If this brothel is really razed, he can still hold the procuress’s hand, and then he can’t kill him because of this matter.
Face to face, anger to anger, he finally put up with this evil feeling and said nothing.
Jun Xiaomo was so angry that she patted her thigh. She also came to a promising place. Just now, she also contradicted Erh Lin Gong. But who knows that she will be as timid as a mouse in the end, and she will have no children if she is scared by people. What a shame!
"I said, Er Gong, when did my distant sister become your person?"
Jun Xiaomo snorted a delicate eyebrow with his arms in his arms and twisted slightly. "And how can you bully others and intimidate the disadvantaged groups by taking advantage of your position?" She paused with a righteous face and said, "Although this is a brothel, people are also a place to do business. You are really going too far!"
Lin Jingluo smell swept her one eye, "What county …" He deliberately dragged his tail and scared Jun Xiaomo almost didn’t cover his mouth. If people here know that she is a monarch and don’t carefully reveal it to her father, she will be prostrate!
"Miss Momo, why do you have a problem with what I just said?"