Mountain father-in-law diffuseness didn’t go far. He kept the distance from the bedroom door to 30 meters. He didn’t dare to eavesdrop on the conversation of Mr. Right’s confidant, but he should be at your disposal at any time.

Yang Yelan demon beheaded the bedroom and sat opposite.
Lan Yao chop has been smiling gently, and Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to pick the green hat from the beginning, fell hard and stepped on it again!
Lan Yao didn’t talk, but he was angry and secretly pleased. What happened? Because all the way, whether it’s Uncle Shan or the bodyguard with the sword, they all call her a "lady".
"What’s the matter with you?" Yang night looking at expression strangely blue demon cut light to ask
"Nothing," replied Lan Yao, after he had recovered his composure. He smiled and felt that he shouldn’t laugh at the horse. "What are you going to do next?"
Yang Yele said, "I have said several times that you should call me husband according to your local identity!" "
Blue demon chop a glaring raise my hand to play Yang night quickly jumped up and continued, "how do you ask me? Didn’t you say that you are older than me as an official? I should ask you! "
Lan Yao nodded his head in silence and said, "Now that we have entered the palace, we should find out everything. First of all, I know about this period of history. Japan has absolutely no courage and strength to dare to offend the Tang Dynasty. There must be someone behind it who supports and supports them. And now we know that tens of thousands of Japanese soldiers and horses can repel hundreds of thousands of troops who defend the border of the Tang Dynasty. This is almost impossible for human beings. I think this must be the plot of the black domain master."
"Well, I think so, too." Yang Ye nodded gravely. "Those abnormal Japanese people must have got some powerful help, or tens of thousands of people will fight hundreds of thousands of people? Hehe, the Tang Dynasty army drowned those Japanese people in one bubble. "
"Be serious!" Lan Yao took a white look at Yang Ye. "The question now is how can we know who helped the Japanese people to change this history?"
Yang night smiled. "Madam, you can rest assured that the emperor already knows that we are terrible. It is estimated that it won’t be long before he can send me to the border occupied by the Japanese people. Most of Anshi City troops beat back the Japanese people, and everything will be clear when the time comes."
Blue demon cut one leng "you? Are you going to lead troops to fight? " Said the Liao a hair nodded and said, "well, I’ll go too! In case helping the Japanese people is the main door of the black domain, we can also fight him! "
Yang night shook his head pie mouth "which have to take his wife to war? What do women fight? What are you doing? Be a comfort woman for me? "
Lan Yao chopped and listened, and suddenly it caught fire. One hand reached behind him and then slammed it out.
Yang night saw a flash of white light and quickly jumped aside and turned to look. When a cloud needle had been deeply inserted into the wall behind where he had just stood, the tail of the needle was still slightly shaking and trembling.
"I depend! You murdered your husband! " Yang night angry at blue demon chop his eyes.
"Red Bi! What kind of male chauvinism are you playing? " Blue demon chop is also angry. Raise my hand and collect the cloud needle inserted into the wall and fly back to her hand as obedient as her hand. Blue demon chop holds the cloud needle and points to Yang night and says, "Red Bi! Don’t forget that we are now executing! And this is likely to be related to the plot of the black domain master! You listen carefully! I am an official at the time of execution, not a woman! "
"Will you please be my woman?" Yang Ye smiled and waved his hand to see that the blue demon chop was really angry. While speaking gently, he came over carefully and slowly pressed the blue demon chop with the cloud needle. The tone became windy and drizzling. "What do you think of the blue leader?"
Lan Yao took a long breath and took a sideways look at Yang Ye. He slowly took a backhand and hid the cloud needle behind his back and whispered, "Now there are night raids and scorching sun. We arrived here first, but now there is no news. But I guess the Lord of the black domain won’t do anything with them for so long. I understand how terrible he is. Just like you said, the Lord of the red domain is trying to get us to him. He wants to play the game because he wants the pleasure of watching each other beg for mercy and win."
"That you mean …" Yang night some confusion.
"I mean, since everything is the main game of the black domain, it is very likely that there are other officials in this palace who attack at night and the scorching sun, and they may also hide in this imperial city. Because the real purpose of the black domain owner is not to change this history, but to use this historical change to involve us all in his games and torture us."
Yang Ye nodded. "So this imperial city has become the main battlefield?" Then he got up and took a few steps and smiled back. "Mom, why don’t you go to the palace with me tonight and enjoy the moon?"
"Ah?" Blue demon cut one leng.
"Ha ha, maybe we can find something in this palace." Yang Ye smiled and twisted his beard.
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Must be very responsible for saying that those guards are meant to protect the emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. When Gao Lishi shouted out that "escort", more than a dozen guards drew their swords and surrounded Yang Night.
Yang night has been in his heart because of the green hat, but he doesn’t want to vent his anger on these stupid guards. The goal is that Gao Lishi is a dead eunuch!
This time, however, Yang Yegen, who was specially authorized by Tang Xuanzong, was rude and convinced Tang Xuanzong that his martial arts, the furious Dong Fangbubai, did not retain too much strength.
There is no bone clan ability, no exhibition of red seal, and those Jia Lan repairs give him evil energy, and it is even more necessary to make the Tibetan blade red-tempered. With only a small amount of official skills, this imperial room is full of skills.
The moment is just a moment. Yang night’s figure flashes in a circle quickly, so fast that the guards’ eyes are full of distortion and fuzzy influence.
Yang Ye has deliberately slowed down. He doesn’t want Tang Xuanzong or Li Bai to recognize that they are not human. He knows that ancient people are superstitious. If they go too far, it will be troublesome to treat him as a god and a ghost.
A figure was floating around. The sabres in the hands of more than a dozen guards had been "clattering", and the people were not landing. When everyone was stupidly at a loss, Yang Ye punched the boxing speed of Tang Xuanzong, Li Bai, Gao Lishi and those guards. It seemed too amazing to punch a guard on the left, but in the blink of an eye, the guard on the left fell to the ground, and a guard on the right also got a punch and took off.
Yang Night’s fist made the effort just right, so that the guards fell to the ground without being injured. In a short moment, the fist had danced out of a circle, and a dozen guards discussed that they generally fell to the ground one after another, and they didn’t know that their body was attacked.
Feel a force pushing them to the ground.
Guards cleaned up Yang night without stopping a step up to the front of Gao Lishi and gave a punch head on.
Gao Lishi screamed and fell backwards and bumped into a big red-painted cylinder behind him. The back of the head was actually in close contact with the cylinder. On the spot, Gao Lishi was struck with gongs and drums. He was also stunned and his eyes hurt. He didn’t respond. His nose was bleeding, his eyes were crying, and his mouth was dripping with blood. He sat down on the floor bit by bit along the column.
Real Yang night fist root didn’t hit Gao Lishi. It was the wind that blew him back. If Yang night really made the effort to punch, Gao Lishi’s head would have been smashed by a blow.
However, Yang Yequan’s wind blows and his panic-stricken consciousness leans back and knocks into the column. Gao Lishi still fainted in pain. A front tooth was actually moved by Yang Yequan’s wind and hit the back of his head, leaving his gums and flying to nowhere.
There is a story in unofficial history that Gao Lishi, the Duke of Qi in the Tang Dynasty, lost a middle-aged incisor. After careful study by skilled craftsmen, he made a porcelain texture and installed a false incisor in Gao Lishi’s mouth. Gao Lishi became the first person to install porcelain dentures at all times and in all countries.
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Yang night received his fist and calmly smiled and hesitated before Tang Xuanzong. He bowed his head to Tang Xuanzong’s fuels in a hurry and said, "Little people dared to show their fists and legs and frightened their positions! Hope for grace! "