"It turns out that it’s really a good thing that Yin belongs to the fire yuan can dagger!" Zhang Yangxin was happy and then drank a "stop!"

With the word export, his eyes flashed and burst, and the black mans ground rushed to the dagger with a firm but gentle cold momentum. At the same time, his palm was covered with black yuan, which could be slammed by the five fingers, and the black African claws were claws, which hit the scabbard like a blade.
The metal friction keeps ringing, and the blade of Zhang Yang’s five fingers keeps cutting the spirit dagger, especially the locking dagger with the cold breath of the earth, which makes this small dagger tremble more and more slightly.
For a moment, the dagger gave out a thrill as if begging for mercy, and then it stopped trembling, and the scabbard’s black light disappeared and became plain.
"Good intelligence is not low!" Zhang Yangxin’s finger, Black Mountain, withdrew its momentum and disappeared. The dagger was put into the ring.
"It’s not easy to test the murderous look of Xiaoyou in the second round!" The blue light in the eyes of the six elders with rickets is still that they have a good impression on Zhang.
Accustomed to each other’s eyes, Zhang is no longer so formal.
He smiled and said, "If you kill more wild animals, you will naturally have six elders. I still have forty scrolls here. Can I change another thing?"
"Of course, for what?" Liuchanglao road
Zhang Yang directly said, "High-order fire black hawk feathers and high-order black striped tiger king fur are combined to make a" black armor feather coat "."
"Little friends joking? Ten scrolls can be exchanged for black armor and feather clothes. You can lose half of these forty scrolls. "Six elders laughed hoarsely.
Zhang Yang’s hand ring flashed and two rings appeared, and then these two rings flashed at two ends, four or five meters high and high, and the double-headed silver wolf king appeared next to them.
He doesn’t have enough rings. Prepare a ring for the carcass of a wild animal.
"We need to find a bigger ring," Zhang Yangxin said, and then smiled at Six Elders. "Can we exchange forty scrolls between these two beasts? Although the corpse is dry, it has little loss of bone qi and blood, which is good for refining medicine or making leather armor. "
"good! I am generous and old at a young age. I like to change it! " Six elders are also frank people readily agreed.
Zhang took out the corpse, and it was not fur but blood and bones, which were much more precious than a small feather coat, of course, for a master like him.
Before you finish, a black feather appeared in front of the six elders, shaped like a loose skirt, and the black fluff grew more and more half a foot, which made it dense and hairy, and there was a light heaven and earth that could flow.
Zhang stretched out his hand and took the black armor and feather coat, and instantly felt that warm fire elements could be emitted from the fluff of the feather coat, and the leather armor of the feather coat naturally emitted energetic wood elements.
"beautiful! It must be better to wear a small body. "Zhang was so happy that he caressed the feather fluff heart.
"For the little girl?" Six elders laughed hoarse smile is full of cold meaning.
"Depend! This smile is really disappointing! " Zhang Yang is really don’t want to stay here now. Calm way: "Six elders will be busy deploying JingXie, so don’t bother."
"Yes! It’s time to get busy. These two big wolves have to dissect you. I’ll be busy when I get here. Before I leave, I warned my little friend that love is a knife in my heart. You two won’t have a future. "Six elders said indifferently.
Words are not evil, but a kind of nai emotion!
"Killers have to abandon love? These people are sick! " Zhang Yang tunnel and then stubbornly said, "I know, I also want to say that a person is not as good as a heart knife to accompany him to death!"
Then Zhang put away his black armor and left the treatment room …
Through the dense fog, the blue light in the eyes of the Six Elders can’t be extinguished. He said to himself, "Courage is commendable. If you don’t know, you will come to this killing quagmire for nothing. Who can walk away?"
Zhang Yang didn’t go back to his residence, but went to Wu Yu’s stone room. He wanted to give my girl a surprise and a few drops of blood in exchange for a high-order weapon. Zhang Yangxin is still flattered.
The killer organization’s aisles are covered with luminous beads on both sides, and the deep blue light always gives people a deep feeling that he turned east and west and walked through the aisles, but when he walked quickly, he met Zhou Yan.
Zhou Yan is the second team, and there is still some distance from where the sixth team gathered.
She is twenty-three or four years old, with a blue robe and long hair like a waterfall. She is tall and plump, and her hips are graceful and feminine.
"Zhang! I was just going to find you. I asked several instructors if I could help you by breaking through the experience of the master. "Zhou Yan smiled and his eyes flashed with joy."
Zhang Yangdao "thank you! Well, I, you have different ways to break through. The ship has tried many times. Tell me again in the day! I have something to do today. "
"Ha ha ….. I know you have something to do. I wrote down all the breakthrough experiences in this scroll. Sometimes you may help you break through." Zhou Yan still smiled and pulled out a small scroll with lace.
"That, that, I’ll take it. This is a high-order treasure dagger for you to thank." For the instructor to break through the law, Zhang Yang also took over the scroll.
Then he took out a water-blue dagger, which he had obtained by killing people. He didn’t want to take anything casually, and it was something that was not beautiful to himself.
Zhou Yan shook his head. "Don’t! I’m doing you a little favor at will. I can’t accept such a valuable thing. "