His eyebrows and eyes are lightly disturbed by rage, and his eyes are unfathomable. It is like ice for thousands of years, and it is like being in icehouse at a glance.

I can’t breathe with cold all over.
The square commanded people to fight. Nangong Yao took the lead in coming over and calmly fuels his mouth. "I have seen the emperor."
"The emperor is ready."
"The emperor is all right."
Ministers rushed over and wept bitterly. "It’s great that you are good, Emperor."
"I have seen the emperor."
Mu Mi’s face turned white and his consciousness stepped back. He said sharply, "No, he’s not an emperor. He’s unconscious in his bedroom. How can he be an emperor?"
Zhao Wanghao also roared, "Yes, my father is unconscious in the palace. Who are you pretending to be the emperor?"
Maple ha ha chuckle steep command; "Somebody get Mu’s son."
As soon as he gave the order, someone went straight to Mu Mi and Hao.
When Mu Mi and Hao saw someone coming to take them, they naturally evaded. At the same time, they also ordered people to "take this person and take this thief."
But nobody moved.
Now we don’t know what’s going on, and we can stare at everything in front of us dumbfounded, and we don’t know what to say.
Although Mu Mi and Hao have martial arts skills, this time they are the ones who leave the night.
Feng Li Night Handman is not only good at martial arts, but also good at making the drug house attack with one hand.
Mu Mi and Hao couldn’t move, and they were caught by Liu Cha and Liu Bai.
Mu Ni has just been taken, and the people who came from afar are in a hurry.
A n experienced person cried hastily.
"Stop it! Why do you arrest my mother and let her go?"
Originally, Xi heard people leave the situation here and rushed over. I didn’t expect to see someone take their own mother and couldn’t help but drink it.
The stream came straight from the carriage to Mu Mi’s side, and then she turned around and saw a maple not far away. She couldn’t help but call out "Hello, father."
Maple directly eyeful pitfalls looked at the creek gloomy than mouth "I’m not your father, your father is the court that inverse thief"
"Court my father"
Creek some can’t respond, stunned looking at the man in front.
She looks very much like her father, but if you look closely, you can see that this person is tolerant and harmonious before her eyes, and her father is weak, which makes her look very family-like.
But how did my father become an inverse thief? What is the court called?
As soon as Feng Hua fell to his side, there was a discussion among the ministers of the DPRK. "Isn’t that the Palace of the King of san huang?"
"Isn’t the Anwang Temple long dead?"
Queen Mu Mu Mu’s face was pale and she struggled to cry out, "No, you’re talking nonsense, you traitor. Don’t believe him. He’s a traitor."
Maple sneer at the pupil eyes looked at Mu Mi in the dark and said, "You’d better tell me who you really are. Your root is not Miss Mu’s family. You are the real culprit. If it weren’t for your court’s lack of courage to do such a drama of killing your father and killing your brother."
"What queen doesn’t admire her family? What is this?"
"Yes, what exactly is this?"
Feng turned around and looked at the square minister Shen and said, "I’ll let everyone know later. What’s going on?"
Without saying a word, he cried out toward the square, "Somebody bring Lord Mu."
The old owner of Mu family was brought here by someone. At this time, his pace was staggering, and he was more than ten years old. As soon as he knelt down, he burst into tears and cried out, "Forgive me, the emperor. It’s not that I miss Mu family. I don’t know where this witch came from. We said that she could help Anwang Temple seize the throne. Since then, we have jumped to Mu family, and adults have listened to her because we are obsessed with Mu family. She is not that I miss Mu family. Forgive me."
Desire for the boss’s words, the square immediately went haywire.