With a bang, the water bomb flew out and hit the authenticity method to break its golden light.

Just as the cow ghost wanted to make persistent efforts, the figure of the method flashed out of the encirclement of the cow ghost tentacles, and the Buddha’s light flashed in his hand and cut off a tentacle.
The four-sided method of authenticity of heaven and earth flashes at random, and the Buddha’s light bursts out and is cut in the cow’s ghost body
And because he has lost two tentacles, he has played a very important role. Be careful, he has been cut out of some wounds and his tentacles have not been cut off again.
On the other side, Sun Qinghou and Kaiduo saw that their fleet was gone, and even Kyogre was beaten to show the monster form.
I was so angry that my eyes were red and my hair was flamboyant
"You bastards die for me! !”
With a roar, he suddenly changed his body, a red dragon with a fierce head and claws, and a blood-red dragon beast.
In Lingqing’s view, he is like a red super Tyrannosaurus rex with four claws.
Big, strong and vigorous, he spit out a huge destructive light with one mouth and bounced Sun Qinghou’s flying sword.
Then the shape of a rapid turn to the Milky Way warship crashed.
Lingqing and others felt a strong malice coming on their faces and blowing them to make public.
"Wow, the tone is quite big." Zhang Gaofu walked over and said, "A shake of the hand and a charm suddenly vanished like a spring breeze."
Sun Qinghou, with a cold hum, jerked his course to cut the demon sword into a hundred zhangs sword light and cut it to Kaiduo.
Kaido felt behind him a trace of iron black from the tail tip and jerked his tail to cut the demon sword.
Bang! !
A metal strike sounded Sun Qinghou cut the demon sword and he smoked it.
And he didn’t have any injuries except the iron-black disappearing tail.
See this kaiduo momentum is suddenly a rise mouth spit out a destruction of death ray stare blankly head to continue to hit.
Ling Qing raised his hand to release the nine-fold Qing que Sun Qinghou, but his face was heavy as water and he stopped him.
"I’ve come to drop this evil monster!"
After that, his right index finger and middle finger closed their swords and fingers together. As soon as he cut, a purple-gold mana formed a rope and wrapped it around Kado like a jiaolong.
Kaiduo, who is not prevented from being entangled in this rope and destroying his savings, suddenly disappears, even his body momentum is steep.
This is Sun Qinghou’s spell binding dragon rope.
Gezaoshan has a special feature that a spell is equivalent to a treasure refining method.
When the magic weapon is refined, the combination of spells can be described as powerful.
And Sun Qinghou’s best skill is that this skill is much higher than his demon-cutting skill.
However, due to the material limitation, a dragon rope can’t be sacrificed today.
However, Kaido didn’t know that his magic was so powerful that he was tied up by this dragon rope, and his strength suddenly dissipated.
The avatar was slapped on the deck by Sun Qinghou.