I don’t know how long it took for Zhou Jia’s eyebrows to wrinkle and his nose to sniff. Suddenly, with a wave of his long sleeves, he pushed the awning boat near an island not far away.

Before I got close to it, I smelled a strong smell of blood.
Scavengers are excited and screaming from time to time when they hover.
With a bird’s beak and a bright red meat strip in its mouth
Zhou Jia’s gloomy eyes swept over reeds and grass islands, and blood-soaked bodies hung on trees came into view.
Bodies include old people, children and women …
Only not much youth.
Every one of them was tortured before he died, and his body was raw and bloody.
The shabby linen is flying in the wind, which shows that they are not rich.
I think so. Avoiding military service. married with children is hiding here
The smell of blood has not dispersed, and the blood of the bodies has not dried up. It seems that they should not be far away when they die.
Um …
Zhou Jia’s eyes are micro-moving, and the boat has accelerated in the direction of coming.
A scream came to an abrupt end.
Two half-dead bodies in the reeds fell into the water, and the blood infected the water surface and slowly spread.
"Escape Nima …"
"How dare you escape from military service and make the old people run around like a trap!"
Lush forests
A group of frightened men and women were surrounded by a group of big men with a full face of Shaqi armed with knives and guns.
Some people tied them one by one with ropes in their hands. They had a little struggle, just a burst of punching and kicking, and there were bodies lying around.
Dahan is decorated with a uniform chest embroidered with wavy water lines, and he is a native of Tianshui Village.
"My Lord, my Lord," someone knelt down and panicked and shouted.
"I just got back from the military service the year before last, and I can leave the service twice. You can check it if you don’t believe me."
The man’s surname is Huang and he is called Lao Huang.
Wrinkled face, white hair, in fact, the age is only mid-twenties, and she is old from birth.
"Military service?" A cold sound.
"Since you have been in military service, you must hide here?"
"Even if you did do military service, it’s the same sin for these people who hid here to avoid military service."
With a wave of his hand, the speaker’s face was ferocious with the naked eye.
"Take it all away!"
"It’s Liu Tou"
"Adult" Sanshui is also in the crowd. His back clothes are broken, and the red mark is visible. He said hastily.