Zhuang Ma continued to make riddles and smile.

At the back of another booth, two girls wearing headscarves were surprised to see Zhuang’s father and dragged him to take a photo with him.
The two sisters pulled him left and right to take a selfie, and then they walked away.
Dad Zhuang is a little high.
Look at me, Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi are so popular among young girls!
But don’t send this photo to your wife. If your wife sees it, that’s terrible.
Just then, his cell phone suddenly started to drip.
He looked down.
"The little girl at the booth is pretty, right? Do you want to invite people home for dinner?"
"Wife, what are you talking about? What booth girl?" Dad Zhuang still wants to cheat.
"Really? You didn’t take a photo with the little girl at the booth? "
Dad Zhuang suddenly felt that it was wrong to look around him. Is there a spy nearby?
"Wife, how can I think too much …"
"Look back."
Dad turned to see ZhuangMa there with the fork wear a waist gherardini.
Ah, it’s over!
Chapter 7 Self-help Anti-hammer Alliance
While Zhuang’s parents were busy setting up the booth, Bohei was also setting up his own venue in the same venue.
"Hang it up!" Bohei directed the workers to hang a huge advertising banner next to the exhibition hall.
"The only weapon in the world that can end the hammer!" The huge slogan is the huge rusty gold bullet. Don’t stand out.
For such a conspicuous banner, he negotiated with the venue workers many times and paid a high fine to keep it.
But he thinks this banner is worth it.
In fact, in the world arms market, all kinds of aerospace companies have been playing the leading role. Look at the top ten arms dealers in the world, almost all of them are aerospace companies. Their sales value is too high, and one equipment can earn money from other arms dealers for several years.
But the special nature of this exhibition makes everyone focus on a special kind of weapon, that is, the weapon of "dealing with the hammer man"
Bohei felt confident that he would win the most orders in this arms exhibition and become a real arms dealer by lying down and making a living.
After all, those old lunatics in the cave are really counting on it!
Besides, up to now, there is only one weapon that can be guaranteed to "deal with the hammer man" in the market, and that is the industrial flower "rusty gold bomb"
In other?
Dad Zhuang, no matter how strong the wine is, it can make the hammer fall asleep. Can you kill the hammer?
Obviously not.
All kinds of experimental weapons in various States have not been mass-produced by themselves, and it is impossible to show them at most and sell them.
Facts have also proved that this bomb is really popular. Before the exhibition, arms dealers from various States have come to ask if they can jointly produce their guns.
Bohei certainly welcomes this kind of thing!
He is welcome if he can make money!
Anyway, how much rusty gold can be sold all over the floor in that cave?
The world is dying, and now it’s time to wait if you don’t make money?
Seeing Bohei so accommodating, a few big arms dealers from Nut State, Midi State and Lanxi State all gathered together, and everyone sat in the corner of the booth laughing and having a feeling of sitting and talking.
I was laughing when I suddenly heard a few crows and shadows cast on the window, and then a whirring wind came out of the window.
It’s not surprising that all kinds of helicopters have been transported to the exhibition hall recently. Every day, things fly around and chariots come and go.
But this time it’s not an airplane sound.
A few people turned to look and saw a few four-winged fighting chickens walking into the exhibition hall with their heads held high.
The chicken knight looked down and saw the huge banner, and someone smiled.
Bohei couldn’t laugh a bit. "Can Manor also come to the exhibition?"