Guo-zhi huang this just patting his forehead and calling his negligence … When quickly contacted the Li Jijun terminal.

The terminal can be bound to the helmet, and even if you enter the game, you can answer it freely, so that the outside world will not lose contact when you play.
His attitude is very sincere and he repeatedly apologized to Li Jijun, saying that he was really too busy during this period. The old world army was tossing around the aliens outside the star domain, and the sea was not peaceful, and many dangerous species were raging.
He neglect his physical condition.
Guo-zhi huang clap breast guarantee said bro you trust these days old brother eat and live in the institute must be the first time to get it for you.
Li Jijun said that the two brothers had a good talk again, but they didn’t know what Li Jijun was talking intermittently accompanied by inhaling from time to time.
I guess I was too excited to cry for joy when I learned that I finally had the hope of awakening.
Guo-zhi huang heart more guilty …
Throw it when you’re done?
This is ingratitude. I care about getting along with Sue’s boss and ignore the most basic thing of being a man.
Seeing everything entrusted to completion.
Su Wei side also not idle jump drove off in the direction of the clouds.
This time, he didn’t benefit from the truth and appeared directly in the sky.
But like those players, step by step …
Of course, it’s Su Wei’s flying skill to display the spiral nine shadows in Jiuyin Zhenjing, which can almost produce nine ghosting images, and the speed is not as fast as lightning speed.
In fact, he has already seen what he is walking several times.
It is the journey that players have been running when they have been running business for a long time.
Especially during this period, a large number of players will spread around to find excellent mounts and animals after running business.
By now …
Even the elite players in Emei Sect with the weakest comprehensive strength, such as Feng Hua Lian, Bai Yunbi and Lin Younai, have already got very powerful mounts. How happy it is to ride on the surface every day.
And correspondingly
Up to now, not only has the route of running merchants spread to the surrounding areas, but the number of animals has also dropped by more than half.
Scratch and kill
Although it can’t be said clearly, most of the really powerful animals have been cleared away
Now running a business …
In fact, the difficulty has been greatly reduced, and a group of five people has really been realized.
Once the group is organized, needless to say, they are businessmen, and they want to catch a few more mounts and sell them back …
Can say that everything is difficult.
As the level of players rises, the difficulty of running a business is also reduced.
Oh, by the way, it’s reduced for Gu Wu players