The whole world is far away

There is a new world.
Mountains and rivers, sun, moon and stars
Deep in the dense forest
Before Gu Qingshan found himself in a cave.
Surrounded by naked ape-men with a circle of leaves.
These ape-men seem to turn a blind eye to Gu Qingshan’s arrival.
They sat in a circle and kowtowed respectfully to the cave entrance.
A figure came out from the cave mouth.
-that’s an old ape-man.
What makes him different is that his eyes are full of wisdom and calmness.
The old ape-man saw Gu Qingshan at a glance.
He waved at Gu Qingshan and then turned and walked back to the cave.
Gu Qingshan couldn’t figure out the state, but since the other party motioned for him to follow, he learned that he had followed the eye condition.
Not long after entering the cave, Gu Qingshan saw the ape-man
The ape-man raised a fire and leaned on the rock to squint at Gu Qingshan.
"I don’t know where you are from, but obviously you are from outside," said the old ape-man
"I came here specially, but I don’t know where it is." Gu Qingshan said.
"This is the starting point of the human world".
"starting point?" Guqingshan avenue
"I’m the person responsible for making the statement-I’ve been trapped here for years, and everyone who enters here explains it," said the old ape-man
Gu Qingshan tentatively asked, "Is this your duty?"
"Yes, this is my work because of the mistakes I made in the past, and I was punished to stay in the body of an ape in this ignorant era."
The old ape-man showed a self-mockery
"I was born in the ancient times when literature developed to a very high stage and I had comparable wisdom and knowledge, but I was imprisoned and ignorant because of my fault, and all beings were in a daze."
He stretched out his long arm covered with black hair and different from human beings, looked at it carefully and continued, "All living beings around you can understand you, and all your knowledge and spirit are out of tune with the whole era. You have fallen into eternal loneliness-what is more painful than this?"
Gu Qingshan said, "I haven’t asked you yet-"
The old ape-man sighed and said, "Young people, you can see such an unfortunate person as me in every era."
"Usually in these backward and ancient times, people have a special word to shape people like me."
Chapter seventy-one Pursuing the ultimate text
"You … can’t leave this original era and return to your own era?"