Gu Qingshan asked

"Of course, I will tell him when I know the pendant-don’t call me a thief!"
Gu Qingshan is revealing ponder color murmured "flame spirit pendant told him that he is so reckless release miracle …"
"It’s really strange," the bottom of the sea shrugged its cover and said.
"No …"
Gu Qingshan said thoughtfully, "If a person knows that there is a cliff in front and wants to jump, it must be that he is ready."
"What do you mean?"
"… he is looking forward to the dangerous consequences"
Gu Qingshan’s tone became low. "What is he calling for?"
At this time, the wind screamed and screamed.
The night is getting deeper
The smell of destruction came from a distance.
The dark iron curtain keeps spreading, and everything in its path melts into fly ash.
Gu Qingshan this sentence seems to make the whole situation more complicated.
Who knows what the Emperor of Heaven calls for?
This is a mystery.
Gu Qingshan had to get up with a sigh.
A few kilometers away, the dark iron curtain will swallow him up.
On the contrary, the more this time Gu Qingshan’s heart is, the more likely it is to emerge some thoughts that he would not normally think about.
Sometimes, I really want to be a cook. Whenever others sincerely praise the delicious food, I am very happy.
But this simple goal is so difficult to achieve.
Gu Qingshan dressed the whole set of armor and took the bow with a long knife-
These are the top goods in the warehouse, and we can’t find anything better for the time being
"What are you going to do?" Undersea question
"I’ll wait for my city" Gu Qingshan Road
Scarlet fine print keeps popping up in the virtual space.
"Six props are now about to be completed"
"Your fairy city will appear in the countdown."
"Please note that Xiancheng will become a common fortress for all your builders, and you will help against the end."
"It’s coming!"
The earth shook violently and rumbled.
Something across the world is slowly unfolding from another phase and approaching Gu Qingshan along a certain trajectory.
At this time, the dark iron curtain is closer.
It is hundreds of meters away from Gu Qingshan.
Boom ! !
Gu Qingshan feet suddenly appeared a piece of steel.
A huge and ferocious steel body carry him into that sky suddenly.
This is a city made entirely of metal!
-rather than saying it is a city, it is a super star warship!
Its cold appearance is full of mechanical feeling, and its appearance has already said that its birth is war.
A cold ring from the depths of the star battleship.
"According to the requirements of the duke, the warship has not set up the auxiliary operation interface of the central wisdom brain for temporary war."
Gu Qingshanxing’s battleship deck quickly said, "After three seconds, we will complete the preparation for moving 10,000 kilometers southeast of the target!"
The cold machine responded.
"the move has already started"
"Let’s go!"
Suddenly this huge star warship disappeared from the dark iron curtain.
Wan Li wai
senior high school
Star warships appear instantly.
"Science and technology side war city? Why do you think of the technology side? " Undersea question