There is a great terror in life and death, and there is also a great chance that destruction sometimes breeds greater vitality.

Replacement of flesh and blood In colorful thunder and fire, old flesh and blood shed off and new flesh and blood stretched out. It can be seen that Ning Caichen’s body and bones are all burning, but it is dark, but occasionally the bones are exposed, and the new white is crystal clear. This is Ning Caichen’s tempering thunder and tempering the real body. He wants to cast the war body to achieve the state of rebirth of blood and immortality of the flesh, but this process is very difficult and there is a long way to go, which is doomed to be not easy.
At the same time, Ning Caichen deduced the Lei Di Fa through the extreme operation, and the Lei Di Fa changed its operation to relieve the physical condition, so that he could bear the thunder. It would not be so fierce, but gradually, because the thunder had great terror and was full of destructive and corrosive forces. If he could not absorb the thunder force to a certain extent and reduce the harm of the thunder, he would not dare to let himself bathe in the thunder.
Lei Di Fa works extremely well. This is an extraordinary Lei Fa. The thunder robbery is a disaster for Ning Caichen. It is also the best time to get a sense of Lei Di Fa Jing when it is also a tiring robbery.
In the end, Ning Caichen’s insides burned up and were wrapped in colorful thunder fire. This is amazing. The insides are no less vulnerable than the human body, especially when the heart stops beating, which means declaring a person dead. Even if it is a martial art avatar, this level of filth is still the death hole of the body. But at this time, Ning Caichen will protect these exposed thunder except his head. When he is exposed, his head will be tempered to some extent.
His body is sitting in a virtual position, motionless as a charred stone statue.
In the distance, Yan Chixia and others moved, that is, Wei Zhaung changed his face. They saw that Ning Caichen was a refined war body, but this method was too fierce and dangerous. I’m afraid that few people could bear a chance that life and death would disappear, but once successful, the body would be connected with the spirit!
Chapter 39 One thought leads to god
The real gold was tempered by Ning Caichen’s thunder fire. At the same time, the body was refined by thunder fire. At the same time, the Lei Di method was operated to the extreme. His body was sitting cross-legged like a statue. He bathed in colorful thunder, and his flesh was blackened, but new flesh and blood derived from his insides. The colorful thunder fire burned, but it was full of vitality and bright light.
The flesh and blood are burned and destroyed, and then new flesh and blood are derived, and so on and so forth, destruction and rebirth linger.
"Endure what ordinary people can’t endure and do what ordinary people dare not do. Once they succeed, Dapeng will spread its wings and soar!"
Wei Zhaung thinks that he is a conceited man. Few people in his life let him admire others, but few people let him recognize him. At that time, when he saw this moment, Ning Caichen had to give birth to a sigh of death in his heart. Looking at the rise of Ning Caichen as a comet, it is one thing to be talented and adventurous, but it is the mind that decides.
"Maybe we will become a Qin Huang!"
Crimson Lotus smiled with a charming smile and looked around in his beautiful eyes. Qin Huang and other figures swept through six and unified the sky. Although he claimed that the emperor was ill because he had not reached the level of three emperors and five emperors, no one dared to deny that his strength was the first person in the ages. Ying Zheng claimed to be the closest to the Taoist way. It was recognized that the first person in the world was unmatched a hundred years ago. Although the last hundred chaotic Ying Zheng fell, the first world war was too difficult. Wei Zhaung and Crimson Lotus personally experienced the first world war, and they were more aware of the cruelty of the first world war. More than a dozen giants joined hands to encircle Ying Zheng and add nearly a hundred martial arts.
The first world war, mountains and rivers change colors, rivers flow backwards, and the blood stains dry Kun. The cruelty of the first world war can only be realized by people who have experienced it. The first world war is also vividly reflected in the fact that more than a dozen giants and nearly a hundred martial arts avatars fought alone. Those forces are simply beyond the level of martial arts avatars and close to the truth.
Wei Zhaung and Crimson Lotus don’t know how it ended, because they didn’t make it to the end and knew that after World War I, no more than ten Ying Zheng’s bodies were transported back to Xianyang to encircle and kill Ying Zheng’s dozens of giants, and they all suffered heavy losses.
Yan Chixia, Xiao Teng, Seibel, Lu Bu and others are dribbling. If Ning Caichen really reaches the level of Ying Zheng, who can compete? Even if it is now known as Wu Guanqun, Xiang Yu is mostly not an opponent, and Ning Caichen’s potential may not be equal to that of Ying Zheng before Du Jie. This breakthrough is bound to be even higher. It is hard to imagine what step Ning Caichen will achieve when he walks out of his own way to become a real giant.
Colorful thunder poured down Lei Yun’s face, and the world was broken and annihilated. Fiona Fang became a unique place for miles. Colorful thunder shone and Ning Caichen sat next to him. By this time, his body was blackened and his hair was bare. From a distance, the whole portrait was wrapped in a layer of black coke.
A light sound like a broken eggshell can be seen that a dark shell on Ning Caichen’s left face has fallen off, like an egg shell.
Exposing the flesh inside is crystal clear and white, with colorful glow.
"Kaka … Kaka … Boh …"
Then there was a crack in the dark shell of Ning Caichen’s body and then it exploded.
Crystal clear, snow white, radiant and shining. This is a new life, and it is a new body derived from the original flesh and blood.
"Did it work?"
In the distance, Yan Chixia and others’ pupils contracted a little. Looking at the thunder, Ning Caichen’s new body, every inch of blood and flesh became glittering and translucent, and the light and colorful brilliance of the bones in his flesh could be seen clearly. The blood and flesh were extinguished, and the new body was cast. Then, in their sight, I would rather pick up my hair and grow at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It is obvious that Ning Caichen’s flesh has completed a transformation and a new battle body has been refined by thunder and robbery.
"Tear … crack!"
There are a large number of colorful thunderbolts that split Ning Caichen’s body, Wei Zhaung’s body and others’ pupils contracted. They saw that Ning Caichen was hit by thunder, and the epidermis was dark, but it was only the outer skin. These thunderbolts only split the outer skin of Ning Caichen, and the dark epidermis fell off in a blink of an eye and the neocortex was derived …
Ning Caichen’s eyes open and emit purple light, and you can see that his pupil is purple, and there is a rare and terrible momentum erupting from his body. At the same time, the thunder around him is surrounded by thunder, but this time the thunder around him is not limited to red, but black, purple, gold, red and silvery white are intertwined, just like the lightning in the sky.
In the distance, people such as Xiao Teng, Seibel and Yang Tian look a little stunned. Ning Caichen has changed too much.
"Ang! ….. Ang! ……”
The high dragon sings heaven and earth, and it reminds me that the sky has changed. All the thunder disappears and Lei Yun rolls. Finally, a huge faucet comes out from the thundercloud, but it is too big, like a huge mountain. Then a second faucet comes out from the thundercloud, which is transformed into a creature by the thundercloud.
At the same time, Ning Caichen moved to take the initiative to see that his right foot was empty and his foot was broken directly. Then he saw Ning Caichen’s body soaring and flying directly to the middle of the high hand, leaning on the heavenly sword and turning it into a giant sword with thousands of feet aimed at LeiJie!
This sword is dazzling; This sword seems to split heaven and earth in half. This movement is very big. Hundreds of miles away, all powers have seen it. A huge sword light flashes between heaven and earth and directly splits the dark clouds in the north sky in half.