Ding Qiunan picked up the table medicine to hold LouXiaoE arm, and went to the health.

"Qiu Nan, how many dogs does your dog have left?"
"Hey, you still don’t hurt, and you still have the heart to think that Sidu Wenxuan’s house helps to look after the children."
"They can also help to look after the children?"
"Why can’t Wenxuan and Wenhui help take care of the dogs in front when they were young? They didn’t cry when they learned to walk when they were young."
"Then give me two when your dog has a new puppy."
"You don’t always want it."
"I want to raise it now."
"No problem. I’ll give you two hugs when it’s regenerated."
Li Chugang opened the door and walked out to see Xu Damao turn around.
"Brother Chu gave you trouble."
"I just made a message to go in and see your wife. I just came in a hurry and fell on my bike, and my hands were bruised."
"ah? What about the living room, right? "
The mouth is like this. The soles of the feet have already run, and now they are not afraid of dogs.
When Li Chu closes the door and returns to the living room, he will see that Xu Damao is circling.
"What’s the matter? Where are people? "
"Hygiene? It’s said that I hurt my sister-in-law here, too. I’m giving help medicine."
Xu Damao pointed to a hipbone there.
"It’s not a big deal. You can still walk. You should sit down first." Li Chu poured him a glass of water and put it on the coffee table
The sanitary door over there has been opened. As soon as Lou Xiaoe came out, he saw his man holding back tears for a long time. He couldn’t bear it any longer, and he couldn’t consider being shy. He threw himself into his arms and cried.
Chapter seven hundred and thirteen Eat melons
This cry took a long time to stop.
After crying, my mood was vented. Lou Xiaoe realized that she was a little embarrassed and blushed.
"Come on, you two sit down, Damao. You tell me what’s going on at the end of the day."
"It’s because of those twenty tunes."
Xu Damao holding his wife sat down and said
"tune? Don’t you have a ticket? Besides, why do you want to check this now after such a long time? "
"It’s not that they want to check this. Someone reported me that I was selling parallel imports.
Some time ago, Chaoyang cracked a case of selling parallel imports, but the owner got away. That’s why the man reported me. "
"Chaoyang cracked? Then how can I catch you as Taifeng? "
"What else can it be that the reporter is more familiar with it?"
Li Chu nodded his head after hearing this.
"What does Jiadong say?"
"I’ll give him this batch of tickets one day, and he’ll help me finish this case, and then we’ll find out who reported it."
"Do you have any idea?"
"I’m still in a mess."
"Da Mao" sat next to Lou Xiaoe and said, "Could it be … could it be the owner of Chuanxiangyuan?"
"Who? You mean Ma Laoer in Chuanxiangyuan? "
"Well, I remember someone who talked to me and said that he had an elder who worked at the front desk."
"What do you say this Sichuan Xiangyuan is for? Is it also a hotel? " Li Chu asked curiously.
"It’s mainly selling Sichuan food, and it’s not far from my store in Qianmen Street just after it opened. This is not the point. The point is that Ma Er took five thousand yuan before he wanted to take a stake in our store and wanted half of it. I didn’t take a reason for him.
Soon after this, he found another partner to open the store. Now this store only opened in May this year. In the first two months, the business was not bad, but it didn’t have much impact on my side, but it will have a big impact on his side after I installed it in July. "