Gu Qingshan paused and asked, "How did Renee Doyle die?"

"I kill" Renee Doyle simply said.
Gu Qingshan is dazed
At this time, the curtain was relieved and said, "Fortunately, among the three laws, only the Fate Power Law is imprisoned-I hate that my power is temporarily blocked and the law protects you well."
Renee Doyle said, "It’s okay. I can protect myself."
With a chill in her eyes, she continued, "The law behemoths will kill each other and ignore us no longer-but it’s still a fantasy to deal with the valley people in our world at this time."
They felt that she was right and nodded in succession.
Gu Qingshan also look at her.
Renee Doyle … It’s like a different person …
Her words and deeds reveal a completely different personality.
What’s the situation?
Even if a person is reborn, his personality will not change easily.
….. have to look at it again.
Gu Qingshan continued to think about it.
When the three laws are reset, everyone will come back to life and return to a fixed moment.
All this is for a new Renee Doyle?
Who …
Can do such a thing?
Gu Qingshan fell silent for a long time.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Face
night falls
They found a clean place near the carriage and sat on the floor.
"How many of us are left?" Qi Ruo sighed.
The curtain was puzzled and said, "There must be a big problem in the law world. The glorious law Lord has completely failed to respond to my call."
Atlee also asked, "What has hurt our world valley the most? Does the Lord have a problem with us? "
Human response
The valley of the world has been completely destroyed.
What will happen next?
Everyone looked at each other and saw each other’s faces in fear.
At Renee Doyle Gu Qingshan without trace.
Renee Doyle observes everyone.
From time to time, she show a thoughtful look and listened to that discussion quietly.
So is she born again?
Or seize the house?
Gu Qingshan wondering in my heart.
Parallel worlds …