Shen should shake his head and say, "Can you really continue to spend so much money and turn out to be someone else’s wedding dress?"

"This is also my headache. I have a little regret doing this, so I want to find a way to drive away the Chinese instructors and cut them off so as to ensure that the army is in our hands."
"Is there a plan?"
Shen should ask, "it seems not so good if this matter is ours." What will Zhongdu think about this matter? Will it be possible to do it before? "
This is what Shen should be most worried about.
Chapter 131 He has no courage
Shen should ask this question. Zhang Wei seems surprised.
It is really strange that he doesn’t ask this question.
So Zhang Wei decided to follow his meaning.
"I’m a little hard to feel riding a tiger, but … I have to do it."
Zhang Wei pretended to say, "I must bear the responsibility for my mistakes. I must drive away the Chinese instructors before the Yellow River Project is really completed."
Seeing that he said this, Shen’s doubts disappeared more than half, and he was very impressed that Zhang Wei considered the feasibility of this matter.
"Did Congress watch the fat in the mouth be taken away?"
"The most important agreement is that after two years, one month left, you can drive away the instructors from the country fair and square."
Zhang Wei nodded, "If we take the initiative, we are not. If the people are not willing to leave according to the contract, then the country is not that we have a righteous birthright and are not afraid of them coming from the imperial court. I also said that."
Shen should think for a moment and frown slightly. "The national conference will not deliberately deny it? And what should we do if the Chinese court puts pressure on us? In this case, the court will be under great pressure. "
"We can take it one step at a time."
Zhang Wei shook his head and said, "The eye situation is very dangerous for us. Any sign of trouble will cause unexpected reactions, so I must eliminate all the unrest. Maybe this is the way to really stick to Hangzhou, otherwise I can’t keep it all day."
Shen should acknowledge this.
"In that case, if you need any help from me, just feel free to say what I can. I won’t refuse … Jingfu, are you sure you don’t want to leave?"
Zhang Wei took a sip of his lips and was silent for a moment, then laughed and shook his head.
"Don’t go, don’t you? You have to do so many things. It’s not appropriate to go."
Shen should be silent for a long time and finally looked at Zhang Wei with a long sigh and didn’t say anything about leaving.
A few days later, Zhang Wei was busy preparing to "expel" the country’s military instructor. Before the incident, he had a lot of opinions and doubts about Zhang Wei. The confidant Ge Shou once again came to Shen to express to him whether he believed in Zhang Wei or suspected that Zhang Wei was colluding with the state.
Shen should have told Ge Shou what Zhang Wei said to him, and Ge Shou didn’t believe it even more.
"Zhang Shi but tang dynasty officials dignitaries such people are willing to give up their wealth with Hugh? It’s a big mistake! Don’t "xianggong" feel strange? Is this kind of person serious? "
Shen should have just heard this and felt that it was no big deal, and there was a faint feeling of recognition.
But I soon felt something was wrong.
You are small …
You’re not scolding me, are you?
I am also a high-ranking official, a high-ranking official.
You scold me for being afraid of death, don’t you? Pointing at mulberry and cursing?
Shen looked at Geshou strangely.
Ge Shou was puzzled for a while, and suddenly he felt that something was wrong in his words. It seemed that he not only scolded Zhang Wei, but also scolded Shen with him …
Ah, this …
""xianggong "I … I’m not talking about you. I mean Zhang Wei is Zhang Wei."
Ge shou explained quickly
Shen the expression is still not good.
"I heard that you wanted a relative to ask for a position in the Privy Council, so you asked Zhang Jingfu, the head of the Privy Council, and Zhang Jingfu refused. Because your relative is an academic gambler, you won’t always hold a grudge against Zhang Jingfu because of this, will you?"
Ge Shouli was scared.
""xianggong "I … I … I’m not … I didn’t mean that. Zhang Jingfu he … he … he is a little unreasonable …"
"That’s enough! You still gossip when the country is in trouble! It is more people like you that Da Song will come to this point today! "
Shen should suddenly get angry and Ge Shou was so scared that he collapsed directly.
Shen’s anger did not go away, so he ordered Ge Shouge to be directly expelled from the Hangzhou court, and even the places originally left for him to run with him were not given.
Ge shou lost his wife and lost his soldiers. The whole person was stupid.
After this, Shen’s doubts about Zhang Wei have been greatly reduced. Although it is not an absolute letter, the inexplicable doubt is that there is still a little admiration in my heart and even a little shame on myself.
He felt a little ashamed of being so decisive and brave by himself.
After all, he is not a shameful person, and perhaps he is so lost in his heart that he wants to be a model of loyalty and loyalty. At one point, he thought that those models of loyalty and loyalty were well-deserved but could not be mixed up.
Only at the last moment did he realize how difficult it was to say "just die"
What kind of courage did Li Ruoshui have to scold the cruel Yan Hong Zonghan?
What kind of pain did you endure and die?
He once admired Li Ruoshui’s integrity and courage and hoped that he could become such a person, admired by all and remembered by future generations.
But now it seems that his admiration for Li Re-shui will never be followed.
He has no courage.
In the face of a powerful enemy, he could have killed himself at any time, but the enemy Shen should not have the courage to confront him head-on because the whole Southern Song Dynasty was under control.
Recognizing this clearly, Shen should sigh for a long time and reconcile himself.
Although he has no courage, it is an acceptable choice to recognize his weakness and run away.
Shen should have accepted the ending of lying flat, but Zhang Wei didn’t
Zhang Wei still has a lot of things to do.
Although the Tianwang Army and the Navy are ready to attack those bureaucrats who try to flee overseas, if possible, Zhang Wei would rather catch them all in Hangzhou.
If we want to do this, we need Hangzhou city soldiers, Shen Xin, and we need to fully grasp their running plan.
So Zhang Wei decided to do something.
He sent a message to Su Changsheng through Lu You, a friend, comrade and colleague of the Privy Council, hoping that Su Changsheng would cooperate and help him get enough prestige in expelling military instructors.
In this way, there is a greater chance to get the Hangzhou soldiers, and then wipe out all the bureaucrats in the south of Hangzhou to solve all the problems.
It is a beautiful thing to give this bureaucratic comprador camp a sigh of relief and help the country eliminate them all!
Lu You agrees with this.
So I set off with such a secret entrusted to Lu You.
Lu You has been secretly keeping in touch with Su Changsheng since he went abroad.
He witnessed the current situation of China’s society and had a long talk with Chinese officials. After reading volumes I and II of Hongwu Political Theory, he gained a deeper understanding of China’s revolutionary ideas and social revolutionary policies, and he also had his own views on the historical and social issues of the periodic laws of the dynasty.
He finally agreed that the national road is the way for the country and the nation to move towards the future.
So Su Changsheng introduced Lu You and officially became a secret revival member.
Having said that, he was somewhat hesitant to treat the imperial court of the Southern Song Dynasty until he learned that Zhao Tuo and Yu Yunwen were going to destroy the Yellow River embankment and he despaired of the rulers of the Southern Song Dynasty.
After the Second Song War, the collapse of the Southern Song Dynasty in name and the chaotic struggle of the ministers of the Southern Song Dynasty frustrated him, so he returned to his hometown for several months.
It was not until the situation stabilized that Zhang Wei got more help and contacted Lu You through Su Changsheng, hoping that Lu You could come back and help him.
Since the Southern Song Dynasty has lost its last dignity, let’s finally give it a dignity and let it die completely.
This sentence touched Lu You.
With the idea of completely destroying the Southern Song Dynasty, Lu You returned to Hangzhou and Zhang Wei took over the post of Privy Council.
He is a middle-level official of the Privy Council in name, but he is actually a liaison between Zhang Wei and Su Changsheng. When it is inconvenient, Lu You comes forward to negotiate with Su Changsheng.