Dan Tai’s lazy glass leaned back and threw me a few winks and asked me if I thought he looked good.

I can’t help laughing when I look back at Master Shi’s cold eyes and glance at Dan Tai glass from the rearview mirror.
Take a taxi back to the hotel where my grandmother and I stayed. Dan Tai Li and I went to my grandmother’s former house.
Grandma was slightly surprised to see Dan Tai Li come in with me, but she soon returned to normal.
Grandma asked me if my body had recovered, and I said that I am in great health now. It tastes delicious.
Grandma smiled and said that’s good. Ask me about Wang Dalang and Jiubo again.
After answering grandma’s question, I asked grandma what the schedule was. I said I wanted to go to the mysterious pawnshop mentioned in Dan Tai’s mouth with Dan Tai.
My grandma looked at Dan Tai glass when I spoke. I saw grandma Dan Tai glass look over and nodded her head gently.
Grandma asked me if I could be a pawn after entering the pawnshop, and I said I must be able to say that I know it well.
Grandma said that in that case, I’ll go with Dan Tai Glass, which means that the experience arrangement can be postponed later.
Grandma agreed to make my heart happy, and I said that I would go and come back with Dan Tai Li quickly, which should not delay Taikoo.
Grandma nodded and agreed to ask Dan Tai Li when she was going to take me to the mysterious pawnshop. Dan Tai Li said that when she waited tonight, grandma said she must be careful.
Listen to the conversation between Dan Tai Li and grandma. I know that grandma has not only been to the mysterious pawnshop, but also knows a lot about it. She knows that it is not a good time to go to the mysterious pawnshop.
It was decided that when we went to the mysterious pawnshop, grandma Dan Tai and I left the hotel for lunch.
Passing through a place where pets are bought and sold, amber beads that can identify monsters turn crimson in an instant before I put a mulberry on my wrist.
I was surprised to see this situation near the place where pets are bought and sold, grandma and Dan Tai Li and behind me.
My eyes swept over those pets, and one of them was dying in a cage, and a white fox caught my attention. I went straight to the white fox
The white fox’s eyes are sad and its white hair is stained with a lot of blood. Because of the blood, its hair looks messy. I saw that the two front legs of the white fox were shaking all the time, and blood was ticking down its two front legs to the ground.
I noticed that as I approached the white fox, my wrist had changed color. In the amber beads, the reddish color was more reddish, but the color never reached vermilion.
So I’m sure the white fox monster.
I don’t know that a crimson monster that can change the color of amber beads will be caught here, and it seems that it has lost its resistance.
Grandma Dan Tai and I approached the white fox and looked at me. Suddenly, tears poured out of our eyes.
Seeing this makes me pause and have an impulse to turn my head and leave. I clearly remember that Mulsang once gave me a monster, the so-called gratitude.
Although Musang said before that the so-called kindness is especially that the monster will never forget the helper before he becomes a demon, he is full of affection. At present, the white fox is already a demon that has jumped out and there will be a so-called kindness, as Musang said, but I still have a feeling in my heart.
I stopped, and the white fox’s eyes poured out tears faster, and his mouth whined.
At this time, Dan Tai Li held my hand and took me closer to the white fox and took me to squat in front of the white fox. Grandma kept silent with me and Dan Tai Li.
Squatting in front of the white fox cage and facing the white fox, I am full of resentment about Dan Tai Glass taking me so close to the white fox.
On the white fox monster, and I have never liked monsters.
No sooner had I crouched in front of the white fox cage than the seller began to talk to us.
The seller said that it was an accident that he got the white fox. He said that when he set a trap in the mountain, he never thought that a white fox would fall into the trap. He said that it was the first time he saw a white fox that was neither like a snow fox nor a silver fox.
The seller said that although the two front legs of the white fox were a little injured, he was sure that we would treat the white fox so that it would not become lame, saying that the white fox was small and beautiful and most suitable for girls to buy back as pets.
Listening to the seller’s words, I kept silent. My eyes were fixed on me and Dan Tai Li, and I immediately stopped crying.
I don’t know how to face the white fox face to face at close range. I felt more and more shallow and inexplicable about the white fox. I actually felt that the white fox was worthy of pity.
When the inexplicable feeling rose in my heart, I felt a little horrified, and the words fox popped up in my mind.
The white fox demon has already filled the title of fox, and in my cognition, fox is a kind of charm, which can easily confuse people and lose the Zhi Dai term. I deeply doubt that the white fox is in front of me
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It’s not what charmed me.
With that idea, I stopped looking at the white fox. I wanted to get up from squatting, but Dan Tai Li stretched out her arm and took my shoulder.
Perceiving the strength of Dan Tai’s arm didn’t want me to get up. I was surprised to understand the reason why Dan Tai’s arm did this, and I stopped thinking about getting up from squatting.
At this time, Dan Tai Glass has begun to inquire about the seller’s price of white fox. After the seller gave the quotation, Dan Tai Glass asked me to pay directly without counter-offer.
After I paid the money, Dan Tai Li’s eyes signaled me to carry the cage with the white fox.
The eyes I received from Dan Tai Glass indicated that I hesitated to carry the white fox cage and got up from squatting on the ground. Grandma and Dan Tai Glass left the place where pets were bought and sold.
Dan Tai Li said to go back to the hotel first, and Grandma nodded in agreement. Naturally, the conditions were decided by Dan Tai Li and Grandma.
After returning to my room, Dan Tai Li handed me a small porcelain bottle, saying that the powder inside could be used to treat the wound of the white fox. Obviously, Dan Tai Li wanted me to treat the wound of the white fox.
My heart was full of doubts. I took the Dan Tai glass and gave me a small porcelain bottle. I poured out the powder inside and sprinkled it with origami through the cage to the place where the two front legs of the white fox spilled blood.
When I crustily skin of head to do these moves, the white fox in the cage purred and looked at me with gratitude in his eyes.
When I am busy with these activities, Dan Tai Li said that we should go to dinner first and put the white fox and cage in the house for the time being.
Once again, when I left the hotel together and went out of the hotel gate, I couldn’t bear the doubts in my heart any longer. I asked Dan Tai Li to solve my doubts-he urged me to buy a white fox and also urged me to heal it myself.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Servant
Dan Tai Li paused and said, I also know that the white fox is a demon and has become a monster. The shape of the white fox has changed, neither like a snow fox nor a silver fox, and its size is small enough to have two palms.
Under normal circumstances, no matter whether the demon is cultivated to the species level, the form before it is cultivated is a form that can be traced in nature.
For example, the normal body shape of a cat demon is an ordinary cat shape, and the body shape will not change with the increase of demon power level.
The appearance and shape of the white fox, which has become a demon, have changed, which shows that the future of the white fox is bound to be limitless.
Dan Tai Li said that he urged me to buy a white fox and urged me to heal the white fox because he wanted me to accept the white fox, so I would have an extra boost.
I said that when Dan Tai Li urged me to buy a white fox and urged me to heal the white fox, I had already guessed in my heart that Dan Tai Li might want me to take the white fox.
However, after the speculation became a reality, I was still about to be shocked. I resolutely refused Dan Tai’s proposal. I said that I am not a demon catcher. I don’t know how to keep monsters. I don’t have the blessing to accept the white fox.
I have to deal with ghosts, and my goo-goo grew up with me when I was a child, and I don’t want to keep any monsters at all.
For me, when I encounter a monster, my choice must be to stay away from it or get rid of it. Apart from these two choices, I have never given myself a third choice.
Dan Tai glass nai look at me and then exchange eyes with grandma without saying anything more.
Silently, after lunch together, I returned to the hotel road, and it was only in Dan Tai that I realized the matter of keeping white fox again.
I asked my grandmother that the Dan Tai glass discussion was very good.
Look at grandma’s United front with Dan Tai glass. I barely nodded. I should pay more attention to the fact that I’m not a demon catcher and I can’t keep a monster.
Dan Tai Li said at this time that I need to act according to his instructions. I am not a demon catcher, but I can still keep monsters.
I glanced at my left-hand side. Dan Tai Li said that since the duck had been dry-fought, I would rather respect it than do everything. I looked at Dan Tai Li Dian and Dan Tai Li Huan smiled and asked me if this duck was Zhou Heiya or Peking Duck.
When my grandmother Dan Tai and I returned to the room, the two front legs of the white fox no longer shed blood and trembled.
I have been asked by my grandmother and Dan Tai Li to raise this fox demon. Look at the blood-stained hair of the white fox. I’ll get warm water to prepare the white fox to clean up first.
Even with grandma and Dan Tai around me, when I opened the cage to take the white fox out of it, I still had some Mao Mao in my heart.
The white fox, which I held out of the cage, was very cooperative and I cleaned my body quietly.
The whole body of the white fox is injured except for two front legs, and there is no extra wound. When I wash the body of the white fox, I avoid the two front legs to prevent them from being contaminated with water.
Although the front legs of the injured white fox have stopped bleeding at this moment, the skin of the wound is soaring and seriously contaminated with water, which can easily lead to wound infection.
After the white fox cleaned up, I gave me a small bottle of powder in front of the Dan Tai glass, sprinkled the wounds on the two front legs of the white fox, and then bandaged the wounds with gauze.
After being cleaned up, the white fox is even more snow-white. It lies quietly on the desktop, and its red and amber eyes have been watching my every move.
I noticed that the pupil of the white fox had a faint blue streamer.
The white fox demon is an established fact, but I didn’t perceive it from the white fox.
At the moment, my grandmother and I are sitting around the round table in Dan Tai, and the white fox is lying quietly on the table.
There is sunlight coming in through the window, which just covers the white fox’s body completely.